Extra Credit

Susanna McPherson

Manifest Destiny

Defintion : American expansion to the Pacific & Atlantic Ocean

1. America's mission to redeem and remake the west .

2.John O' Sullivan was an American who used the term Manifest Destiny, in 1845 to promote the annexation of TX and the Oregon County to the US.

3.The destiny under God to do this work , what people thought.

Spreading Democracy

Defintion : goverment by the people , and seek to support as a political system around the world

1. Republic's economic & safety to the US

2. Polk believed that the US had a duty to spread democracy across the continent

3. To keep the US safe from other countrys

Pioneering Spirit

Defintion : is a seeker who wants to discover other new places

1. New land discovered for the Us

2. Americans wanted to claim the land before other countries.

3. Settle a new country or state

Secure our Nation

Defintion : To protect our states & citizens from Us crisises

1. The Mexican cession after the mexican - american war

2. For the states to come together and become on nation to protect us from other countrys

3. To make the nation secure and the econoy strong

Romantizing the West

Defintion : to think about or describe something as being better or more attractive

1. People thought that the west was a a attractive place .

2. Most Americans believed that they could become wealthy with the rich farmland, timber to be cut, minerals to be mined, and even gold.

3. The romanitized west was a image of men going to the west & were heros .



Defintion : financial respect and good fortune

1. To buy land from others.

2. To trade with other states or nations.

3. Land speculators bought the land and sold it for a profit to the new settlers.