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May 2015


Welcome to the latest issue of WrightICT eNews.

Articles and further snippets via my website, Twitter and Pearltrees.

Forthcoming Events

Bradford bMobile Conference. Thursday 18 June 2015 @ the Life Centre Bradford, BD3 0EQ


Safeguarding in a Digital World Conference. June 23rd. Elland Road, Leeds,LS11 0ES. 8.00 am-4.00 pm. £175

Friendly Wi-Fi

Public WiFi is really useful when you are out and about but it is generally unfiltered - you, your children or your granny could access all sorts of inappropriate materials. Next time you need a public WiFi network look out for the brightly coloured logo of 'Friendly Wifi'

Friendly Wifi is filtered WiFi, making it a safer option for everyone. As part of your E-Safety education you could consider making parents and pupils aware of the logo and encourage everyone to have a happier web experience.

Find out more here.

British Pathe

Subscribe, for free, to the largest archive of history on YouTube. Follow them through the 20th Century and dive into the good and the bad times of the past. Feel free to explore more than 80,000 videos of filmed history and maybe you'll find stuff few people have ever seen.

Like the one below, for example.

As well as searching for and watching these videos, they can be embedded into your school website, blog or used as a writing stimulus in software such as J2E5.

Supersonic Freefall: Before Felix Baumgartner


Facebook recently launched it's UK Bullying Prevention Hub in the UK. The hub has a wealth of information and useful resources divided into sections for Teens, Parents and Teachers.

Developed with Drs Marc Brackett and Robin Stern from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence it has been designed to provide resources and tools for dealing with bullying behaviour and its consequences.

for more information, click here.


David Brown, HMI Lead for Computing, has placed his London Grid for Learning 2015 presentation on Inspection, Computing and eSafety online. Click here to view.

Technology in Geography

Did you know that the use of digital technology is a requirement in the Geography Programme of Study?

“use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied

use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies.”

ICT4C Corner

The latest research from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) on Youth-Produced Sexual Content has produced some interesting findings

• 17.5% of content depicted children aged 15 years or younger.

• 85.9% of content depicting children aged 15 or younger was created using a webcam.

• 93.1% of the content depicting children aged 15 or younger featured girls.

• 46.9% of content depicting children aged 15 years or younger was Category A or B5 compared to 27.6% of content in the 16-20 years age range.

• 89.9% of the total images and videos assessed as part of the Study had been harvested from the original upload location and were being redistributed on third party websites.

However a particularly concerning finding is the severity level of content featuring children aged 10 years or younger, with 133 instances (19.9%) being assessed as Category B or higher and 7 instances of Category A content within the 7-10 years age range. Category A is the highest level of severity, depicting penetrative sexual activity, sadism or bestiality.

As we are seeing in schools, it isn't just images that being produced younger and younger, it is the active on-line game play by young children on games that are aimed at over 18s. A useful site to share with parents on games is PEGI (Pan European Game Information - http://www.pegi.info) which explains gaming ratings and the potential exposures within the game.

For further information about the IWF report visit https://goo.gl/CFBwD5

ICT4Collaboartion are running their annual eSafety conference on June 23rd at Elland Road, Leeds just off the M621. The day will provide attendee with the latest information on the trend sand issues including radicalisation, sexual exploitation and cyberbullying that young people are contending with. The sessions include presentations by nationally recognised key notes speakers from organisations such as CEOP, Safer Internet Centre and Inspire as well workshops to develop best practice in your school. To make a booking or find out more visit http://www.mondale-events.co.uk/event/15ict4csafe

Outdoor Camera

I mentioned in the last edition that I was waiting for my TTS Outdoor Camera to arrive. Well, it here and whilst I'm still in the early stages of figuring out angles, distances, etc the video below does show that I have a pair of Greenfinches visiting the garden and I now know the reason why my suet pellet feeder empties so quickly!

Time-lapse video for the next edition I think.



The NEN Gallery is an excellent source of safe, moderated images for staff and pupils to access. Handily grouped into topics but is fully searchable. Why not upload some of your own images and help the collection grow? I did.

Dockside Stage 4. The Dockside series of books are aimed at older pupils (aged 9+) who lack confidence with reading and are ideal for English language learning or motivating catch-up readers. Now available for tablets, (iOS and Android) ten Stage 4 books are packed into this app. Authored by Sue Graves, each story is digitally illustrated with a mix of media, allowing readers to truly engage in stories whilst supporting reading development. £9.99.

iMovie is free with newer iPads, but if you have iPad2s a plenty it's £3.99 a pop, (or half that with Volume Purchasing) and some find its interface a tad intimidating. A solution to both could be Clips. It is free and It's a simpler editor than iMovie, but still has enough features to make it useful to schools. With the free version you have a small watermark on your finished videos, but nothing too intrusive.

Cup Final Maths from the BBC

I confess to not having read these, but the reviews for both are all very positive.

Chicken Clicking. Little Red Riding Hood for the mobile generation, this book is part of the armoury for teaching children how to stay safe online.

PenguinPig. Similar, but different.

However, this one I have read and own. An absolute delight! It's a Book!

It's a Book by Lane Smith -- Book Trailer
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