Emma LeRow

What are the main issues of deforestation and how does it effect the enviroment?

People cut down trees because the wood can be used to make so many different things. Trees are also cut down to clear space for buildings. Deforestation is having very negative effects on our environment. 70% of land animals live in the forest and loose their homes when trees are cut down. Trees absorb greenhouse gasses that fuel global warming. Deforestation causes climate change because forest are humid and without the shade that that the trees provide, the land is drying out.

What areas in North America are the most impacted?

The East Coast of America has lost the largest amount of trees in North America, although almost everywhere around the world has been highly effected by deforestation.

How is wildlife effected?

Almost every land animal is effected by deforestation. Animals that live in trees like koala, monkeys, and squirrels loose their homes. Others loose their food sources. It messes up the whole food chain.

How are people affected and who causes it? Does it affect League City?

Trees release oxygen that we need to breathe. The more trees we cut down the harder it will become to breathe. Lumberjacks are the people who actually cut down the trees although lots of the work is done by machines now. League City sometimes has to clear out areas for buildings but isn't majorly affected by deforestation.

What are people doing to help fix this issue? Do you have any personal ideas on how to fix it?

Companies like plant ten trees for every item you purchase off their website. Movies like Dr.Suess's The Lorax raise awareness about deforestation in young children. I believe that for every tree cut down, a new one should be planted in its place.