Lab safety- James and MIkey

Mrs.Howze Physical science

Lab safety

General Rules -Never perform unauthorized experiments

Clothing-confine long hair and sleeves when working,wear closed shoes, not sandals, in the lab.

Accidents and injuries- locate all emergency and safety equipment that you may need to use at some time. This includes: shower, eye wash, fire extinguisher, fire blanket. Locate the nearest emergency exit and emergency telephone.

Handling Chemicals- a student may handle materials which are carcinogenic, poisonous, flammable, and explosive. be cautious about everything you do.

Handling Glassware- Never force glass tubing through cork or rubber stoppers without proper lubrication. If something breaks notify a teacher right away. Don't try and handle it yourself or hide it.

Heating substances-Remember that to use such equipment is a privilege. Make sure you use gloves if picking up a warm or hot object. Do not place body parts into a flame. Make sure you know where to turn off the gas. Long hair should be tied back and long sleeve should be rolled up.