From milk to Ice crem

By:Chloe Rogers-3RS


Do you know what ice cream is made of? Ice cream is made of milk, sugar, and ice.


Do you know ? It is stored in a tanker. Next,they attach the machine cows so that they get milk.


The ingredients for the ice cream is milk,suger,and ice. And the people who work at the factory tases the ice cream .Ande see if it is good or not good!


The ice cream is stored in a tanker trucks. Then it is sniped into the stores. And they put the milk,cream, ice,and flavorer,and a blender.


Do you like ice cream? can you make ice cream? It's kind of hard and kind of easy. All you need is suer,ice,milk,and a blender. And you can make home made ice cream. That's all you need. You should read the other page again. And you should go to Woodland Hills to learn this.It is fun!!!!!!!
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