the taj mahal

by easton

facts about the taj mahal

Well the taj mahal was made in 1632, when they made the taj mahal they made it out of white marble it was a really cool building to go to for trips you cant see something better then that. plus the woman that was put in there her mom was a queen that would be so cool to just go to the taj mahal and see all there details in there that would be so cool to see. Heres a fact the girl that died and was put in there she deid at agra and that was my fact.

Why the taj mahal is famous

some people say this and some people say that but the reason I thank the taj mahal is famous because of how it changes color. Yea it changes color at morning it is pink and at evening it is white like every one nows that but what alot of people don't now is that at night it is, GOLD!!!!! That would be so cool to see it gold. The cool thing is that it is 16 centures old and that is a fact it is a cool building to visit so i thank you should visit it to. Here's a fact the taj mahal is like a museum and that is all.

how big the taj mahal is and how meany people visited

Well not that meany people now how big the taj mahal is or how meany people visited. So it is 50,009 square meters, 1,902 feet, x1,002 on each side. And now i will tell you how meany people have visited to the taj mahal and 4,000,000 people have been there can you thank about that. That must be a famous place for that meany people to visit there and that is all I have to say for this one. =)