Welcome to Savannah's Page

By: Savannah Rehm

Who am I?

My name is Savannah Rehm, I was born and raised in Eastern Washington and moved to Central Oregon 6 years ago with my husband. I have been on the back of a horse for as long as I can remember and until my baby came last year I ran the Pro Rodeo Circuit. Then my whole life got turned inside out and upside down when my son was born. Windham was born on 9/30/14 two days after the first day of my masters program beginning. Its been a busy year and a half to say the least! We have been though two moves, two new jobs, a new baby, and school. You can say I am ready for summer to complete this program to settle down!! I enjoy learning new things about education and different strategies to be the best educator I can be =)
Rifle Joseph 2013

Here I am on my horse Rifle that I recently sold at the Pro Rodeo in Joseph Oregon...

My Job

I taught 6th grade for four years, I then transitioned into a position of Instructional Coach working in a k-5 building where I mentored new teachers, and set up all the testing, technology, and data tracking for the school. This year I wanted to get back to working with students so I transitioned into the roll of the Instructional Specialist. I set up interventions and track data for the school. I run small test groups to implement new curriculum and intensive instruction.

Some pictures of my family!

Neiko 1/1/15