More Gun Control Needed

A Civil Debate on a Loaded Topic

Gun Control Worked

Gun control has walked in other states and deaths caused by guns. National participation means national safety it won't happen overnight, but with enforced gun control, our cities will be safer and medical bills and death will potentially decrease.


Crminials Kill

Criminal kill, control and exploit with their handguns. Criminals wishing to buy a gun in a strict state need only go to a state that has little or no laws on guns handguns are a valid meaning of defense useful in deterring crimes.

Armed with Pride

Enforced gun control our cities will be safer and medicial bills and death will potentially decrease. Citizens have the right to bear arms including handguns. We must not allow the behavior of these people to control the rights and freedom due every law- abiding citizen. Congress should not ban the private ownership of handguns.


Self Defense

The banning of handguns would violate the second Amendment "The right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Handguns can be used for self-protection. Victims who defend themselves with a gun against robbery or assault had the least chance of being injured.

Existing Laws

Forcing purchasers to pay for gun safety classes and having awareness classes in school could decrease gun accidents and abuse. The U.S needs to become a stronger advocate against guns.