HTHS Library Fall Newsletter


Book Circulation by Type

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Fiction is obviously the the major player, with a circulation number of 1277 for the first semester of school. Nonfiction circulated 157 items. Biography wasn't far behind that, with 133 items. My brand new Graphic Novels section hasn't quite kicked it off; there were only 20 circulations. The College & Career section comes in last with 18 circulations. I don't find that terribly surprising since many of those books are reference titles. Most of the circulations in that section were probably test prep books.

Top 15 Circulating Books (that aren't assigned)

New Books!

It's been a great semester full of activity!

What's Next?

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Genrefying Fiction! I've got all the Fiction books labeled by color, so I'm moving them off the shelves to prepare them for reshelved and reclassifying. When the students come back in January, my library aides will help me reshelve them in their new genre sections. Those are all my Mystery/Thriller books. I have tons of them, but that's good because it's one of my most popular genres!

This is all about making book selection and browsing easier for the kids. I'm really excited to see how they like it.


I really appreciate all the support from everyone. I can't say this is an easy year (especially running the library on my own), but it's a fun one. I hope there will be lots of activity, classes, and fun going on in the library in the Spring. I hope you all have a great holiday!