Media in Society

Fourth Block

Media & Media Literacy

Unless you live in a cave, media is all around you. The television, internet, and radio are constantly spewing out information about a variety of things. Ranging from Twitter to the News you see on TV, all of it is considered media. The apps you use on your phone, the radio show you listen to on your way to work in the morning, the advertisement on television for the blow out furniture sale, the coupons sent to your email from companies all over the world; all of it is information being translated to you in an appealing and fast way. The purpose of all of this is for a business to attract a user to a specific something quickly and efficiently. No matter the age, young or old, there is a form of media for everyone to enjoy.

Basically, anything and everything can be found on the internet; understanding how to use all the tools to gain the knowledge is media literacy. Simply using the apps on your phone, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is being media literate. Media literacy around the entire world increases more and more each day. There are many ways to be media literate. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to keep up with the latest announcements and information. Watching the news on television and listening to it on the radio is taking media and using it to your advantage; which is being media literate! Being media literate is becoming crucial in our soociety. Soon enough, if you can’t keep up, you’ll be lost in a media filled world.

Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | "Gracie"


General Mills in the commercial for Cheerios, which aired during the 2014 Superbowl, communicates to viewers that their product promotes family. General Mills advertises Cheerios by depicting a father explaining to his young daughter that she’s soon going to be a big sister by using Cheerios in place of people. The little girl understands quickly and convinces her father to get her a puppy because she has to be a big sister. General Mills attempts to get viewers to feel warm and family friends in order to sell them their cereal. This commercial uses an emotional tone which connects with anyone that is family oriented.

College student takes penny-pinching to a whole new level

College student takes penny-pinching to a whole new level

Julihanna Latonis, Staff Reporter

Tue Mar 18, 2014

ATLANTA - A first year student at a local Atlanta college is arrested after allegedly living in a home’s crawlspace for almost 11 months without the permission or even knowledge of the homeowners.

Atlanta police were called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrickson late Sunday afternoon. The couple was in a panic, claiming a young female was residing in their crawlspace without their consent. Upon arrival, Atlanta police were taken-a-back to find a nineteen year old freshman at the local college, living full time below the Fredrickson’s home.

The couple became suspicious after they noticed certain food missing in their kitchen and dishes being washed mysteriously. They decided to set up cameras to try and capture what was going on in their absence. The camera plainly showed a young woman coming from their basement, making a sandwich, cleaning her mess, doing all of the dishes that the couple had left behind, and going back downstairs; leaving everything else untouched.

Atlanta Police weren’t sure how to approach the situation. The girl didn’t appear to be violent or under the influence. She was overly apologetic to Mr. and Mrs. Fredrickson about the entire situation.

“The young girl’s reasoning for her mind boggling actions was that she needed to save money in order to stay in college,” reported Atlanta Police Chief Rick Newman, who was later called on scene for back-up.

After confronting the teen and listening to her reasoning, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrickson not only decided to not press charges against the young lady, they also proposed a deal to help her.

“We don’t want to punish the poor girl for attempting to get her education. Hopefully, after we take care of her trespassing charges, we can work something out to help put her through the rest of college. If her own family nor the state can help her, we will,” Mr. Fredrickson exclaimed.

Smore #4

Why do people feel it is okay to criticize others for being different? Just because someone looks, acts, or sounds different than what they’re used to, they think it is okay to tease or make fun of them. I have two special needs brothers and I think their uniqueness makes them beautiful. Their appearance is normal but they do sometimes sound or act differently than what people are used to seeing. People then think it’s appropriate to judge and tease them. Nothing infuriates me more than the ignorant people who don’t understand that they do not choose to be different. My baby brother doesn’t wake up every morning and decide he’s still not going to form sentences and that he’s going to pitch a fit when he has a sensory overload. My big brother didn’t choose to drown when he was 22 months old. He doesn’t choose to read and do math at a 2nd grade level at the age of 27. They cannot help the way they are. They are unique and have so much to offer, but people don’t give them a chance or the time of day to understand them. Instead, people point and stare when my baby brother throws himself in the floor, crying because there’s too much noise and he can’t focus. They judge my mom; thinking she should discipline him better, when in reality there’s nothing she can do but comfort him. People’s ignorance to Autism and other special needs is what should be criticized, not the people who live with it day to day. In a perfect world, people would stop and ask my mom if they can help her when they see my three year old brother throwing a fit. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. All I can do is continue to spread the word about Autism and the other special needs out there. Hopefully one day, the ignorance will end and acceptance will begin.

Atomic Bomb Hits Japan

In 1945, a United States aircraft, Enola Gay, dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Approximately 80,000 people were killed and around 35,000 people were injured. The U.S. was at war with Japan. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Around 2,000 American soldiers and sailors were killed in the attack and 1,000 were wounded. Big Brother made the decision to not take drastic action but the counter-revolutionists felt that Japan needed to be taught a lesson. Emmanuel Goldstein, the counter-revolutionist leader, got his party together and began to infiltrate Big Brother. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had troops patrolling Japan and continuously keeping track of their military to insure our people’s safety. The party completely supported the president and his ideals of taking a less violent approach.

Meanwhile, Goldstein plotted against Big Brother with other counter-revolutionists. They campaigned and rallied to gather more supporters to help their attack. They methodically set out to harm Japan’s people and to make them feel how Pearl Harbor made our citizens feel. Eventually, the counter-revolutionists gained access to the troops who patrolled Japan. They devised the plot to drop the atomic bomb. A few of the rebels posed as military personnel on the Enola Gay. When they reached Hiroshima, the rebels slaughtered the actual military personnel and dropped the devastating bomb. President Roosevelt and the rest of Big Brother were in utter shock. They had not authorized this attack and now the whole world was looking at them for answers.

After quick investigation, all members of the counter-revolution that were involved were captured and vaporized. Big Brother did all that they could to aid Japan in their recovery from the bombing. An additional 100,000 Japanese citizens perished from the tragic after-effects of the bomb. Because of this horrifying historic event, Big Brother has tightened National Security to ensure the safety of our people and the safety of those around the world. Long live Big Brother.

Smore #6

Orwell’s fictitious novel, 1984, personally bored me. I don’t believe the ending was carefully plotted. He used very intricate detail throughout the book in describing the society, big brother, and the party, which I liked. I enjoyed the intimate relationship that he created between Winston and Julia; using the paperweight to symbolize it was unique and beautiful. I disliked the fact that Orwell took the predictable route when it came to the ending. It was almost as if he gave up. He lost the passion he originally began the book with. I think he could have gone more in depth with Winston’s character. I would have killed Winston off in the end or had him raise a true rebellious group. I wish the book would have described more of other people’s lives and how the government truly operated. I wouldn’t have kept big brother a secret; the ending would have been a nice place to answer the burning question. Also, I don’t think it properly depicts what government is like now in 2014. Orwell did a great job at predicting the advancement of technology but was a little overzealous with the idea of how the government would be. Overall, I would love for someone to write a sequel to the book and answer the many things that were left hanging in the balance. The main message I took from the book was to be careful about who you trust and not to believe in something just because other people do. Big Brother is watching.

Entry #7

Media literacy has taught me the actual impact technology has had on my generation; such as the proven fact that the attention span of students presently is much lower than that of past students due to excessive time spent on media. I’ve learned a lot about social media and how it has evolved over the years. Before this class, I never knew how much the English language has evolved and much of it is due to media. I learned a lot about my rights to privacy as an American citizen. I will take away that technology and media have more of an effect on my day to day life, and everyone else’s lives for that matter, than I thought originally. Also, that I need to spend more time watching and reading what is going on around the world as opposed to giving my attention to celebrities and social media. This class was very different from any other literature class I have been a part of. It’s very advanced in that we did much of our assignments and learning online. I don’t personally care for doing things on schoology or in a smore format. It was very confusing and many things were lost in translation, such as: where to turn things in, when things were do, what the exact assignment was, what was fully expected in each individual assignment, etc. It doesn’t allow you to be connected as a classroom either. I felt that my knowledge of media wasn’t tested as well as it could have been. I would have liked to see more tests and/or essays instead of busy work. I completely understood the relation of 1984 to Media Literacy. However, I strongly disliked the attempt to relate Macbeth to Media Literacy. It was an utter disappointment when the course tried to fuse British Literature into what celebrities and political figures do in society today. The whole entire process of figuring out the details of Macbeth and 1984 and what they were about was exhausting and extremely frustrating. I would change reading aloud in class to silent reading time, so students could work at their own pace. I also, would add assignments to help students understand what they are reading about, instead of an extravagant study guide packet. I enjoyed the class for the most part, but there are many things that should be addressed to improve the quality of learning for future pupils.