Rebuild Athens

By: Madisyn Carmichael

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They used to think that getting sick was a punishment from the gods., The Greeks who found a cure for the illness were eventually called Hippocrates ( “the father of modern medicine”) and the people today who want to become doctors take the Hippocratic Oath.

The Greeks understanding of the human body was very limited at the time. They didn't have as much knowledge of the human body as we do today. But, during the Golden age of Greece their knowledge of the human body was stronger. They had started writing down symptoms that the illness caused rather than blame the gods for the sickness. They still were limited to figuring out more about the human body because they never cut open a body to see how it worked because they thought it would offend the gods. But many centuries after that, medical students could be able to name organs in the human body.
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The Greeks loved reasoning they had always looked for answers/explanations for nature. They usually found all of their answers in mathematics. Pythagoras believed that numbers were the key to understanding nature. Euclid was another mathematician

he made a geometry textbook that had lasted for over 2,000 years.

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The word architecture comes from a Greek word meaning “master builder” they built temples, columns, roofs, and most buildings.

They studied the decorated bands called friezes. We still use their type of building style today with government buildings, schools, churches, libraries, museums, and sometimes houses. Homes with porches comes from the Greek stoa, meaning a covered line of columns. there are three types of columns Doric, ionic, and Corinthian but today we usually only use the Doric columns.
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The Olympics were originally for the Greek god Zeus. The first Olympic games were held in 776 B.C.E.They are similar to our Olympic games because we they used to light a fire in the middle of the arena of the opening ceremony but we mostly do fireworks and the national anthem for our Olympics today.

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The word theater comes from a Greek word that means, “ a viewing place” the theaters were built as semicircles. the chairs rose steeply from the stage so the audience could see and hear. The also invented/ made up the turned stage or rotating stage to let them quickly change scenery. We still use this today with our backdrops. The types of acting they did were comedy, and tragedy which both are still in modern day theater like in our movies. These types of genres that the Greeks have invented.
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Our government came from the Greeks, the Democracy came from Athens. the practice of having citizens serve on juries also began in Greece. Our modern day democracy is a lot different than it was back then in Athens everyone they debated on every issue today we leave it to our president to decide.

Greeks believed in many gods. They also thought the gods were the reason for the weather and the things that happened to them. If they didn't understand the world they would be told myths to help their understanding of the world they all believed the myths and thought they were true.

Greek Alphabet Song
Above is the song to the Greek Alphabet. The Greek alphabet isn't like our alphabet theirs is a letter that has multiple sounds as to ours that only have one sound per letter.