Books to be Weeded at LMS

Rebecca Nevetral

Topic Area and Justification

In evaluating what books to weed from the LMS library, I decided to analyze the books in the Science section that were mathematics related. These books were contained in the 510's section of the science section. I decided to evaluate the mathematics texts in the informational section because, as a mathematics support teacher, it is necessary to know what resources are available through our school library for our students and our teachers, including myself. While I have many print resources of my own available to me, it is necessary to consider what other resources, that perhaps cannot be found online, are available not only to myself, but to my students. These resources might offer an alternative approach to teaching certain concepts, real world examples, justifications for rules, or perhaps more practice for students. As a math support teacher, these resources provide me with the resources I need to support all of my students, whether they may need remediation or acceleration.

Evaluation of Section 510

Use of Data

In order to evaluate which books from the 510's section of our school library needed to be weeded, I followed the weeding recommendations mentioned in Gail Dickinson's article "Crying Over Spilled Milk," which recommends that you first pull the books that look like they might need to be weeded and then apply the selection principles. I first pulled the books that looked oldest and the ones in which our library contained duplicate copies. I then used the recommendations for currency found in Melissa Allen's "Weed 'Em and Reap: The Art of Weeding to Avoid Criticism." Our school media specialist had a similar recommendation to the article. Allen's article recommends that titles be consider if they are more than seven years old. Our school recommends that the books within this section be reconsidered after ten years.

Using these methods and pulling circulation records indicated several things. The first thing it indicated was that books in the math section of the library were not checked out frequently during the last five years. Of the sixty books within the math section, only six have been checked out in the last five years, and half of them have been checked out more than once. While very few of the books have been checked out, our media specialist mentioned that several of the books, which she pointed out to me, are borrowed for a short amount of time to make copies of pages. The report from this year indicated that, while books from the science section were checked out, none of them were from the 510's section.

Annual Circulation Report Based on Section

While the circulation report indicates that 15 books were checked out on this day, 16 were checked out this month, and 54 were checked out this year, none of the books were from the 510's section.

Five Year Circulation Report from the 510's Section

This report indicates that six books were checked out from the 510's section and that three of those books were checked out multiple times.

Curriculum Needs

The books that are contained in the mathematics section were selected for their alignment to Georgia Performance Standards. However, since the 2-12=2-13 school year, our school has adopted Common Core Standards and we are now operating under CCGPS standards. While looking through the texts in the 510's, I noticed that several of the books available were copyrighted before the adoption of the Georgia Performance Standards. While several of the books can still be utilized under the current standards, some are no longer related to curriculum standards.

The books that were checked out in the last five years are all still relevant under the new standards. They deal with the main concepts of multiplication and division, fractions, patterns, geometry, and algebra. The books in our media center that were not selected for weeding are books that are still relevant under the new curriculum standards. They encourage hands-on projects, abstract thinking, and provide alternative approaches to learning information.

Weeding List

Books to be Weeded due to Lack of Current Curricular Value

  • "Graphs" (1969)
  • "The I Hate Mathematics Book" (1975)
  • "Problem Solving in Mathematics: In Service Guide" (1983)
  • "Math in the Marketplace" (1989)
  • "Number Stories of Long Ago" (1997)
  • "Math: Handy Homework Helper" (1999)

Books to be Weeded due to Duplicate Copies

  • "Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics" (Second Ed.; 1998) - Currently 3 copies (2 of which to be weeded)

Books to be Weeded due to Age & State of Book

  • "Numbers Old and New" (1960) - Age of book
  • "Wonders of Math" (1963) - Age of book
  • "Nurturing at Risk Youth in Math & Science" (1990) - Book binding and pages missing
  • "Math for Every Kid" (1991) - Pages stained and stuck together

Disposal of Weeded Books

Our district policy on weeding materials states:

  1. If the media specialist determines that the material is no longer useful within the school, the material will be offered to the appropriate grade/department members within the school for supplementing instructional purposes.
  2. If faculty members do not want the materials, students in the appropriate grades will be offered the materials.
  3. The appropriate form shall be completed, with one copy filed in the county office, and the original filed within the media center for any material discarded.