Instagrok Vocab Activity

Searching done right

Entering a Word

Here is what you will see after entering a search:

  1. Spokes of words that are related to your search word. You can click on them for more spokes of words related to the spoke word.
  2. When you click on the lines that radiate from the central word, it will say "Explain" and you can type how the two words are related to each other.
  3. If you click on the words that are linked to your original word, you can get words that are related to that particular word too!

Hey, What Happens When I Click on the Search Word?

A text box will appear with the following tabs across the top:

  • Key Facts: has the definition multiple times, and uses the word in context with links embedded in that you can click on. Clickable sources are here too. Finally you can pin any key fact that will then create a pop out link that will stay there.
  • Websites: This could be any site that has the word in it. So you have to be careful here. For example: using "republic" has Star Wars Republic come up. Not that this is a bad thing, but it might not be subject related.
  • Videos: Not all words will have videos related to it. If they do, they will appear here.
  • Images: Any pictures that have the word in it will appear here. You can pin/unpin them if they are helpful or not so helpful
  • Concepts: these are ideas related to the word like act, allegory, argument, etc. Again, everything is sourced here too.
  • Notes: you can even add notes on this word too.

Wait. What' All That Stuff Across the Top?

This is where you can customize your search:

  1. After entering the search, you can increase or decrease the difficulty of the results of your search by sliding the "difficulty" slider left and right. Sliding it to the right increases the difficulty, while sliding it to the left decreases the difficulty. The words that spoke out from the search word will change!
  2. You can make a journal entry on the word with the little paper journal tab.
  3. Instagrok will make a quiz for you based on the word you put in the search box.
  4. Changing the background color and word bubble color is fun too
  5. And of course, you can share it on social media!

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