Sab's Basic Needs

This will be your Bible for the next few weeks.

Dear Hen Hen,

I am truly sorry that i didn't give you a guide earlier on how to do this, but i hopes this helps you get through the next few weeks. You don't have to do this stuff, but I guarantee you that your going to want a to know about a few things, but just remember to have fun with each other while I'm away!


By the way I joined so many different networking sites to make this as easy as possible for you, and I know you were worried about my snap chats, and weird ASS photos, don't worry, those won't stop.


So the next audio link help Sabrina before she sleeps, and is my favorite poem that i make her listen to before we fall asleep. This version SPECIFICALLY. Its available on iTunes, it's a poem by Edgar Alan Poe, called Annabel Lee, but on iTunes you'll have better luck finding it if you search Matthew Gray Gubler, Annabel Lee.


Annabel Lee by Mathew Gray Gubler by chloenairne


I have collected a list of Sabrina's favorite movies, these are her top ten.

1.The Notebook

2.Warm Bodies

3.The Proposal

4.Bride Wars


6.The Descendants


8.Silver Linings Playbook

9.21 Jump Street

10.Water for Elephants

Video Policy

So as you saw the video me and Sabs sent you, you should know that these happen on a weekly basis, if not more. We are not allowed to show other people the videos we make cause we don't want to embarrass the other, but they are basically videos of us doing the dumbest stuff imaginable. I have an example of one of my independent videos, that i did when i was feeling lazy, I'm showing you this ONLY as an example, because Sabree asked me to make a video of how Maddie, and Shannon talk. The link i have set up for your video may ask for a password, the password is purple i hope this helps.


How to make jews.


1 egg

1 softened stick of butter

betty crocker cookie mix

hershey's kisses

mix the egg, butter, and mix, and heat the oven to 375 degrees. I never have a set time, i just keep an eye on the cookies until they are golden brown, but its never more than 10 minutes. as soon as you take then out of the oven, unwrap the kisses and push them into the center of the cookie, and let cool.


Just bring over cooked taco meat, soft shells, guacamole, and sliced limes, theres really no recipe i have for that.

LENGA and Lesbie Hand Holding

As you know, Lesbian Leg Jenga, or LANGA is basically jenga with your legs. You'll find yourself in what seems to be a normal stilling situation, but LENGA changes everything.

Lesbie hand holding is like normal hand holding, but at the wrists, just know when she freaks out and she is lesbie hand holding she squeezes your hand dead