The Nile River

Annie Diller

Why the Nile River is so important!

The Nile River in Africa, is the longest river in the world and is longer than 4000 miles!

More than 40 million people live around the Nile River for fresh drinking water and cleaning water.

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How big is the Nile River?

The Nile River is so long and so big, it flows into 10 countries! Such as...

Uganda, Burundi, Eritea, Kenya, Congo, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Also the Nile Delta where Northern Egypt, is where the Nile River flows into the big Meditranian Sea.

Important Reasons

The Nile River produces fertile soil, and made it really easy for the little and big cities and for civilizations.

The Amazon River came very close to the longest river in the world, but the Nile River was the longest.

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Did you know that in the ancient times, that Ancient Egyptians used sheet paper to write on and paint? Back in the day they found something in the water called "Pithy Stem of Water Plant". They also used it to make boats and sandals and even rope! If we didn't have the Nile River today, what would have they done if they were bored, and the biggest part, they wouldn't be alive cause they didn't have any water to drink or clean!!

Fun Fact :)

In the Ancient times, people used Ancient Hieroglyphics (which is a language) to communicate and to write.

This language was called, "the words of God" and also the Hieroglyphics was lost for over 1,000 years! This ancient language was written in columns, the Egyptians can read it left to right, and also right to left!

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