The AVID Program

By: Ishan Patel,7th Grade,Period 6

How I Grew As A Student This Semester

Ever since day 1 in AVID, my grades has been going up and down. Usually I get bad grades like 50's or 60' in the grade book and even extra credit doesn't help me .Well,what I'm trying to say is I made a good choice to be in AVID because it helps a lot.

The TRF!

TRF is an acronym which means Tutorial Request Form. It is just like tutorials for your classes but you have to write down what u don't understand write down a problem related to what your topic and tutorials starts at your regular AVID time. Then when you write down how you think you can solve it, you can go to tutorials and they will help you

The Annoying Organization!

Organization is one of the things that annoys me the most. When you get your binder clean, that day you get even more paper to organize and that's not all, you don't even have time to clean I out. But organizing my binder helps me organize and also give me a free 100 in AVID.

Tons And Tons Of Cornell Notes and Cornell Notes Checks!

Every week we are assigned different number of Cornell Notes like 4-8 CN-Notes each week and on Friday we check them using a Cornell notes checklist. The Cornell note check is basically getting a sheet of paper with a yes and no questions. The type of questions are: Name,Date,Period,topic,class,EQ,summery, and is the handwriting legible.

Are You Ready For Some Public Speaking?

Public speaking is one of the things you do in AVID. You have to write a story/memoir about something that happened in your life then later on you have to present your story. The things you will be graded on are: eye contact, pace, emotion and how you talk.

Doing Some Community Service To Be Helpful!

In AVID, Community service is one way to get your grade up because you get extra credit. Some people think of extra credit and some people care about the type of community service like toys for tots. Also Community service help those who are in need like Toys for Tots help kids that need presents or kids who need food because they haven't eaten.

What I Will Do Next Semester To Continue To Grow In These Areas.

What I could do next semester is try to get my grades up to an A because right now my grades are B's and C's. What I will do is try to do is try to study for a test or quiz when I get it and not study last minute. I don't know if I can but I will try to fulfill this quest for grade improvement, wish me luck.