A summer in Iowa

The Field Of Dreams

The most interesting part of my visit to Iowa was when we went to the field of dreams. The field of dreams is a baseball field that was in a movie called, "The Field Of Dreams". I went there with my dads side of the family, and I have a huge family! We took a few pictures and then we played some baseball. I was on the sidelines watching my dad, mom, and cousins swing a bat. Not too long into the game other families joined in on the fun. After the game we went into the corn, the field was built on a farm. My cousin, Josh, found a baseball in the corn field, so now we are treasuring it. It was exciting to go to the field of dreams, I even got a T-shirt! I hope to visit again and next time I hope to swing the bat.

About Me

With friends I'm crazy, funny, and weird. At home I'm sweet, sometimes helpful, and enjoy privacy. At school I am polite to teachers, I do my best, and I'm confident. My hobby is acting, I have done many plays in the last few years. Acting it the only thing I do so it is technically my life. I am usually quiet in class, but once I get used to seventh grade I'm sure I'll be more outgoing!