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Chickens rock, right? It may sound a bit silly, but it's true, chickens are great animals.

Think about it, chickens give you eggs and meat.

In the olden days, before there were alarm clocks, some farmers would get roosters to wake them up at the crack of dawn.

Why are chickens good pets?

Firstly, by keeping chickens you are helping to keep most of your organic waste on your property. Chickens will quite happily eat most vegetable or kitchen waste, so all those veggies the kids won't eat can at least go to feed the chickens.
Secondly, you will be also reducing your dependence on stores to supply you with eggs. A good laying chicken should produce somewhere in the order of 200 to 300 eggs per year - so up to 25 dozen eggs per chicken per year.
Finally, Kids love playing with pets and playing with a chicken will keep a child healthy and exercised.

Has this article inspried you to think about getting a pet chicken?

Have you got an idea for a better animal to show in the next issue? Tell Taryn!

And remember....... CHICKENS ROCK!


Name: Riley Martin

The boy who cried 'Wolf'

Once upon a time there was a young boy known as a pranker his name was Bob. He pranked everyone, all of the time. If he wasn't eating or sleeping; he was pranking someone. He always told fibs and lies and never told the truth. His father owned a farm that had 7 sheep, 12 chickens, 4 rabbits, 2 horses and 1 very fast sheep dog.

One day Bob went to the phone and dialed the police's phone number and told them that his sheep were being eaten by a wolf. So the police came and looked for that nasty wolf.

After a little while, they didn't find the wolf. They told Bob that and he replied with; " I know !! Haha !! I got you !! " and he rolled on his back, laughing like a silly 2 year old.

The day after that he called the local animal control and told them that his sheep were being eaten by a wolf. They came straight away. The animal control couldn't find the wolf and saw that his sheep were perfectly fine. So they told Bob that and he was like: " OMG I KNOW HAHAHA! "

So the next day he did the same thing but he called everyone that he knew instead, and told them that his sheep were being eaten by a wolf.

In less than 5 minutes, there was local farmers, shopkeepers, butchers, doctors, parents (etc) all lined up at that one little farm. They were all on the look out for that nasty old wolf! After about 10 minutes of hunting they all gave up and told little Bob that they couldn't find the wolf. Of course Bob replied with: " I KNOW! HAHAHA I TRICKED YOU! "

The next day Bob woke up to loud screaming noises, so he put on some shoes and ran out of the house to see what was going on. He saw that his poor sheep were being attacked by a big, gianormous wolf attacking all of his sheep!

He quickly grabbed his phone and rang the police, animal control and everyone else that he knew so that they could come and help him.

Everybody replied with " We know that you are lying. We aren't going to fall for that silly prank again." Little Bob tried to explain to them that he wasn't lying and that he was actually telling the truth. But still, nobody believed him.

Bob cried and cried and watched his poor sheep get eaten by that nasty wolf.

No way was he going to try and rescue them. If he even went near that wolf he would get ripped to shredds.

After that, little Bob never ever told a lie again.



Film by the sea: HELP!

If you are in year 4-6, you should be creating a 3-10 minute video for film by the sea.

It can be stop motion animation or just a short movie of you and your friends!

Film by the sea is fun and is also very educational.

Need some help?


- It has to be interesting. Do not make a boring video of just someone talking. Show action!

Something that you would want to watch! Go around the school, find places that you can

film your video!

- If it is stop motion, make sure that you do not move the camera around too much. Take

your time! It took 5 whole years to make Toy Story 1, and it only goes for about an hour!

So it should only take you about a month or so to create your video. We know that you are excited to see the outcome of your video, but perfect things take time!

So don't rush!

- To make your movie interesting, don't just film one take! Pause your film, and move over to get a different side of the scene. Do down shots, up shots, long shots, short shots, head shots, (e.t.c)

- If you are making stop motion for each photo don't move the characters too much.

Also, make some funny voices for your characters, comedy movies are great!

- In your movie, dress up into funny costumes, girly costumes, tomboy costumes, old costumes, modern costumes, mythical costumes (e.t.c)

- And remember...............

(-: H_A_V_E__F_U_N!!!!!!! :-)

Congratulations, you have found the secret message. Tell Taryn that you have found the secret message and the first person to tell her is the student of the week for the next issue!


(-: BYE! :-)