Urban Outfitters Child Slave Labour

Child slave labours

What Are Urban Outfitters And Where Are They?

Well perhaps you didn't know this but, they are outiftters of clothes. They are also an multinational clothing cooperation that is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. They work with the people that do cotton picking labour.

What Do They Do?

Well as you can tell what I said before they make and sell clothes. But they use cotton that child slaves pick from the cotton fields. While the child slaves have to separate everything all they do is wait for their cotton. The children don't have a choice on if they want to do this and some kids are even pulled out of school by either their teachers or the companies and they dont let the kids go back. Once they are pulled out they have to stay and pick cotton for whatever company they are picking it for.

Child Slaves Working

Why Are They Doing This?

Why Do They Do This?

They do this because they don't have very many workers so they hire child slaves to pick the cotton for the clothes for them. They also have children ages 9-15 from September to December. They are sometimes not supervised and is very dangerous to do. Urban Outfitters have been around since 1992.