Differing Abilities iPad Suite

Supporting Curriculum Access For Diverse Learners

Differing Abilities Suite

Through the Special Education and Learning Services department, students have received Differing Abilities (DA) iPads. The application suite includes apps to support: cause and effect, tapping skills, scheduling and transitions within the classroom, literacy support and early mathematics.

Cause and Effect Apps

The DA suite offers a variety of cause and effect apps that can be used by students as preferred choices, as sensory breaks or as applications to learn the skills of cause and effect.

Transitions / Scheduling Apps

There are 2 specific scheduling apps and a timed timer assigned to the DA suite to support students who require visual supports in their daily program.

Literacy Apps

  • Many of the literacy apps on the DA suite are supported with visual content to support student understanding and communication
  • Literacy apps may support audio input or dictation and a whiteboard space to write ideas

How To Customize An iPad For Student Use

Accessibility Features:

Click on the link provided to access an accessibility features guide for an iPad.

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Tammie Cameron

Academic Consultant for Students with Diverse Learning Needs

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