MP Band News

Play Like a Champion Today

MP Band Schedule: March 9-15, 2015

Monday (03/09/15) Class Rehearsals. Percussion POWER B.

Festival Band 2:30-4:30 PM. WG 5-8 PM.

Tuesday (03/10/15) Class Rehearsals. Brass POWER B.

Wednesday (03/11/15) Class Rehearsals. Woodwinds POWER B. WG 5-8 PM

Thursday (03/12/15) Class Rehearsals. Brass POWER B. WG 5-8 PM.

Friday (03/13/15) Class Rehearsals. Woodwinds POWER B.

Saturday (03/14/15) Winterguard Competition at Ardrey Kell HS. Guelmy will provide your itinerary.

Sunday (03/15/15) Eat, sleep, practice, repeat…

Real, Actual, Progress on MPA Selections

We made some real, actual, progress on our MPA charts last week. The next hurdle is to guarantee that everyone pulls their weight and does their part. Those who do not will not perform with us at MPA or Pre-MPA. It’s very simple; do your job, attend rehearsals, and show up to your assigned POWER Block sectional. Or, don’t; your decision. Just remember that performance is a privilege, not a right.

Concert Next Thursday Night (3/19/15)

Our first concert of the semester is next Thursday night at Robinson High School at 6:00 PM. Students must provide their own transportation to and from JMRHS. Call time is for percussionists is 5:30 at the JMRHS loading dock (far right end of the building when looking at the school from the street). Call time for winds is 5:45 PM in the lobby at JMRHS. We will watch the first performance of the night, and then warm-up for our performance, which will follow. Once our performance is concluded, you are welcome to stay for the remaining three performances, or you may go home.

Concert Attire Orders

I have three jackets to hand out and the two suits that I ordered last week should be here any day. Jackets will got home today. Suits will go home as soon as they are here. Jackets won’t need alterations. Pants may need slight alterations.

Music Performance Assessment (MPA)

Our MPA performance is on Wednesday, March 25th at 9:30 AM at Hickory Ridge HS. Students will report to school as usual and report to the band room. Students should wear their concert attire to school. We will depart for HRHS at 7:30 AM. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend if scheduling allows. After we perform, we will watch a few more groups, load up, get some lunch, and be back to MPHS by 2:00 PM so that students who ride a bus will be able to get home as usual.

After School Rehearsals

We have three more. I expect you to be there. Monday rehearsals from 2:30-4:30 PM are not a secret.

Intimidators Game May 2nd

We are playing The Star-Spangled Banner at the Kannapolis Intimidators Game on Saturday, May 2, 2015. As a fundraiser we are selling discounted tickets and keeping the profit. I will provide you with the paperwork as soon as you turn in your blue Lincoln Exchange email address sheet.