Black Bob Family Newsletter

September 2015

You are finally here! A note from your Principal

As I shared with the teachers about a book I found this summer titled: You are Finally here! By Melanie Watt. I had been counting down the days until your child walked through those doors for the first time this 2015-2016 school year. Let me tell you how awesome it is to get to spend each day with your children. Thank you for sending us your treasures. It’s hard to believe 3 and a half weeks of school have already passed us. Each class has been working hard on classroom relationships, learning routines and procedures so they are ready to be the best student that they can be here at Black Bob.

Our theme this year is “Be the Hero of your own Story.” I came across this and thought of the choices that each of us have to make each and every day. We have to make a choice to have a positive attitude when we wake up, or when something doesn’t quite go how we planned. We have to make a choice to be kind, even when we may have every right to be unkind. We have to make a choice to see the good in others, even when that good is hard to find. When we do make the right choices, our story can turn out better than we ever thought. That is what I hope our students take away from this school year.

Mrs. Putthoff/ Principal

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: We have an incredible opportunity to teach our children the act of giving while also providing awareness for childhood cancer. Black Bob will be participating in Noah’s Bandage Project during the week of September 14-18. Students are asked to bring in fun and colorful boxes of band-aids. The school that collects the most bandages will earn a pizza party! You can learn more about Noah at

Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S: Thank you to all Dads who attended our Kick off meeting. The kids and staff are so excited for you to join us. If you would like to sign up but weren't able to attend the meeting, please just call the office and let us know.

Music News from Mr. Woodward

Special Chorus: Special Chorus members who sing Soprano will rehearse on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-8:20 AM. Special Chorus members who sing Alto rehearsal on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:00-8:20 AM. If you have any questions about these new rehearsal days please e-mail

New Staff to Black Bob

Jennifer Degner: Early Childhood Teacher

Amy Fontaine: 5th Grade Teacher

Amy Klein: 2nd Grade Teacher

Amy Peterson: Computer Lab Teacher

Beth Siebenburgen: Library Clerk

Jean Stutzman: Library Media Specialist

Lauren White: School Psychologist

Michele Cozart: Early Childhood Para

Tricia Paulson: Early Childhood Para

Shaima Ali: Early Childhood Para

Cheryl McElroy: Long Term Substitute for Mrs. Thorup

PTA Website

Thank you for your donations. Teachers received $2,700 for classroom supplies and materials. Its not to late to make a donation. Like us on facebook or visit our website!

Lunch Times

Kindergarten 11:00-11:25

1st Grade: 11:15-11:35

2nd Grade: 11:30-11:55

3rd Grade: 11:45-12:10

4th Grade: 12:15-12:40

5th Grade: 12:00-12:25

From the Counselor Miss Owens

Each month I like to introduce and incorporate a different character word into my lessons. These words are also seen and used throughout the school. The character word for September is Honesty. Honesty is defined as the quality of being fair and truthful. I will use stories and videos to help students grasp and understand the meaning of this word.

Library News from Mrs. Stutzman and Mrs. Workman

Black Bob students have a notable change in their library classes this year. Instead of 30-minute classes, grades 1-5 and full-day Kinders receive 60 minutes of library instruction per week. Half-day Kinders receive 30 minutes of instruction instead of 15 minutes. Olathe’s newly reconfigured library schedule provides for twice as much exposure to literature and library skills that will help students become literate life-long learners. We are excited to provide this curriculum to the Thunderbirds of Black Bob Elementary, and we look forward to seeing you soon in the library!

It is the library policy to allow kindergarten students to check out one book a week, older students, two. Students are welcome to check out additional books for reports or at their teacher’s request. Children need to have one book they can read (or practice reading) and the other book is free choice. Books are checked out for 1 week and may be renewed if needed, for a longer period. It is important that books are returned on time and in good condition. Replacement cost will be assessed for lost or damaged items. We stress student responsibility for books, but your help in finding a safe place to store their books is appreciated.

Reading with your children is one of the most important things a parent can do. We love sharing books with your children and helping them learn to use the library. We would be happy to recommend books or answer any questions you have about the library or our curriculum

Congratulations to our Summer Readers!

Natalie: Early Childhood

Kian: Early Childhood

Henry F: 1st Grade

Charlotte :1st grade

Gavin B: 1st grade

Ben C.: 1st Grade

Cecillia : 2nd Grade

Brady R: 2nd Grade

Makayla: 2nd Grade

Zach L.: 2nd Grade

Carter B: 3rd Grade

Jordin D.: 3rd Grade

Logan C.: 4th Grade

Cosette : 4th Grade

Zak K: 4th Grade

Dalton: 5th Grade

These students have already received a free book from the Olathe Public Library. In addition, they’ve received a restaurant coupon from the Black Bob librarians, along with our sincere congratulations and best wishes to keep on reading!

Mrs. Stutzman and Mrs. Workman, LMS

Black Bob Blazers

We have 50 kids signed up for our Black Bob Blazers Running Club. It goes from 3:40 until 4:45 p.m. on Thursdays.

Pick up – Children can be picked up right from practice behind the school or they will meet parents at the front of the building with the Running Club coaches. Y-care students will be returned back to Y-care after practice by one of the coaches.

Please have students dress in appropriate attire for running club. Students need to wear tennis shoes to run in for safety. The temperature will be in the 80’s, so again please have them dressed for the weather too.

Water Bottles – We encourage students to bring a water bottle for running club! We will allow them to fill the water bottle from the day before practice begins if you do not want to send in a second water bottle.

These students meet after school at 3:40-4:45

Have a great September,Black Bob Families!