Titanic Survivor

By.Marissa Silva

Elsie Doling's Life

Elsie Doling was born on October 30 1893 in Southampton. She was 18 Years 5 months and 16 days old when she got on the titanic. She was riding with her sister-in-law and her 13 siblings only six survived.

The Ship

The Ship was 882 feet long with nine decks, she was as high as an eleven-story building weighed a total of thirty -one tons.

It was called unsinkable because if it was to crash it had compartments that will make it float.

Elsie was on this ship she was a 2 class passenger the cost of the ticket was £23.

The accommodations frome her room wher nice bed nice couch and it also had a sink but is was not better than 1 class.

Disaster And Rescue

The titanic hit a ice burrg and scrached the side of the ship wich made it sink.

She was on a life boat with her sister-in-law and was saved.

Life after the Titanic

On 6 November 1920 she married an Indian Doctor William St.Alban Hendricks (1877-1966) in Bombay, India. They would have four children: John , Gerald St. Alban , Clara, and Elizabeth Mary.She died on Friday 3rd March 1972.