The Coppell Times

July 7th, 2006

Cerebral Palsy Introduction

Since cerebral palsy cases have started to show up, so have the amount of people interested about it. Here are a few most frequently asked questions answered.

Cerebral Palsy: Is it degenerative?

By that it means can it become worse over time? Cerebral Palsy is not degenerative. You are born with it, so anything effects you have at that time, are the same ones you will be carrying on for the rest of your life. But, this disorder has no treatment that will fix all the problems, leaving a person to only a few choices that will minimize the effects.

Cerebral Palsy: Is it life threatening?

While the actual disorder itself is not life threatening, many of its effects can be. For example, a child who has lost motor functions in their face might not be able to chew properly, making them susceptible to infections that can lead to death if not properly treated. None of these, or any other factors promise a shortened life. They just recommend a proper management for health. Even kids with severe cases and several co-mitigating factors have had normal life spans. Overall, a person with co-mitigating conditions are more likely to have a shorter life expectancy than those with less.

Cerebral Palsy: Can it be prevented?

Cerebral Palsy usually occurs to a fetus while still in the mothers stomach. This can be a result of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, rubella (measles), Rh incompatibility, lack of vaccinations, and improper care. Improper care relates to pregnancy checkups which insure that everything is developing correctly. While rare, cerebral palsy can also be a result of improper restraints in a car seat, and the absence of a helmet while riding a bike.


All the information provided for the answers was from (Cerebral Palsy Information.)