Software Engineer

Griffin Hawley 8th

Overview of Career

The job of a software engineer is to improve, develop, and program electronics that vary from video games to computers for businesses.

What you need to do to succeed as a Software Engineer

Some helpful high school classes include computer programming levels I, II, III, and advanced as well as many mathematic classes.

Cost of Education

If I were to go to The Milwaukee School of Engineering and get a bachelors or masters in computer engineering it would cost $34,890 per year. If I were to stay there for at least a bachelors it would cost a grand total of $139,560! During school I would also have to pay for basic needs for 4 years which cost money. Some estimates are that housing would cost $20,000, Food would cost $8,000 (if I eat smart), Gas for traveling would cost $16,000, clothing would cost 1,500, and all together would cost $45,500 on top of tuition! But I might not have to pay every penny because of scholarships and financial help from others. I will also need to get a part time job to make it through college.

Pros and Cons of becoming a Software Engineer

Pros: Good Salary makes up for the long hours, I'm interested in programming and want to learn how, and I would be happy with what I do everyday.

Cons: Education cost a lot of money, it takes four years at least and I'll probably get my masters anyway. The last con is that a software engineer has long stressful hours.

Software Engineer Advertisement

Man: Have you ever wondered how certain programs work, or maybe why they work the way they do? Well I have the job for you! As a Software Engineer you will improve, develop, and program electronics with slightly longer hours than usual, but with exceptionally good pay. All you need to become a software engineer is a bachelors or masters in computer engineering. It's totally worth it because on entry you'll make $50,900 to $55,190 per year, and if your experience you make $110,220 to $138,880 per year!