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Chemical Engineer

Branch Of Science

The job title of Chemical Engineer falls under the branch Physical Science. It would fall under this because a chemical engineer deals with chemistry. Chemistry is in the physical science area.


If you want to become a chemical engineer you would need to get good grades, do well on test, and get a major in chemistry or engineering. You need to take college for 4years and get a bachelors degree. In high school you should take biology, calculus, chemistry, technical writing, statistics and probability, trigonometry, and advanced algebra. In college a couple of classes you must take are calculus, linear algebra, and chemistry. So there are quite a few things to do.

Training School & College ( Quinn O'Connell )

I would go to UW Madison cause it isn't to far away and classes aren't to big. Madison is in a urban area, it is a public University. I would be taking a 4year college there. The faculty to student ratio isn't bad it's at 1:17. I like smaller classes because then I can get more work done.


In order to get in to Madison you would need a GPA around 3.69 which is the Average.

An ACT around 24-29, and an SAT about 600-699 for averages. So your grades have to be pretty good.

About Being a Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers mainly research efficient ways to produce fuel, plastics, drugs, and also some other products. The also create formulas, and design machinery for producing that stuff. They mainly work in offices but can work in factories.

How common is the Job

There are several employers near by so it is easy to find a job. Wisconsin is a state with more commonness for a chemical engineer. So new chemical engineer would have several companies that may be looking for new chemical engineers.


The salary in Wisconsin is higher than the national average. The salary is a little higher so you would make more money. Also more money would be made as you get more experienced.


The are several local employers like,

Alliant Energy - Madison

Foth & Van Dyke - Green Bay

Georgia Pacific - Green Bay

Placon Corporation - Madison

Clack Corporation - Windsor.


Yes I could see myself being a chemical engineer. You would make a nice salary, you get nice benefits like payed vacation and sick days off. The only con that comes to mind is lots of classes have to be took.


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