January 2015 LMC Newsletter

New Year - New LITERACY Focus

Primary Source Lesson Collab

Let me know if you want to work together to teach students about primary sources. The State Archives of North Carolina has a number of primary sources, digitally accessable, for students to analyze and discuss.

  • Observe the documents
    • Who created it?
    • When was it created?
    • What is the first thing you see?
  • Examine the details
    • What do you see that is unusual?
    • What words resonate with you the most?
  • Promote students inquiry
    • Speculate on the source and its creator:
      • What was happening at this time in history (time period)?
      • What was the purpose in creating the document?
      • How do they get their point across?
      • Who was the audience?
      • Are there biases or stereotypes?

Check out this site too for lots of other neat primary digital resources.

Here is another opportunity to collaborate. This would be a great option during Black History Month to look at runaway slave advertisements!

Movie Scripts - Compare and Contrast the book to the script!

How cool is this website? Not only could you have some fun working on reading comprehension (after all, you have to understand what you are reading to adequately act it out), but you could compare/contrast movie scripts to books!
Big image

Flipping Lessons - Resources

While this website is close to having TOO much information, definitely check it out. I warn you though, you might end up going from link to link for hours. So much amazing information and wonderful resources!


Tablet Reminders

  • ONLY techies are permitted to bring tablets to the media center. If a non-techie brings me a tablet to fix, they will be sent back to class.
  • New student tablets will be delivered to homeroom by techies. Homeroom teachers MUST email me when the new student has returned their tablet forms. I will not give the new student a tablet until I am notified by the homeroom teacher that all forms were returned.
  • Students should NOT bring chargers to school. Please remind students that they need to leave their chargers at home. If they lose a charger at school, they will have to pay $30 to replace it.