Samuel Morse's, Morse Code

Brought out since mid, 1800's compony in Wasgington D.C

Having a hard time communicating? Or cannot travel to meet someone face to face?

If you can't speak it, just beep it! With Morse Code.

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First long distance telegraph message, distance from Washington D.C, to Baltimore, Maryland. (Morse Code) a method of a communication system that uses a series of dots and dashes- short and long sounds.

How this invention works is it sends letters of the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks by a pattern or in a random arrangement of dots, dashes, and spaces. Just by pressing on the knob that the telegraph has. Transmits the message through wires via electrical impulses. A communication system that only the people who know how to use it and understand the language. Asking price $850.00 can be nigostible. Only one type of model but different looks.

Inventor- Samuel Morse

Born April 27th, 1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, United States. Died April 02, 1872 in New York. He is and American Inventor and before the Morse Code he had an interest in art, painted grand depictions of historical events. Then went to Painting portraits.

How does this invention solve problems? Why was it created?

Morse Code is an important component of the Industrial Revolution. Also merchants could order manufactured goods from hundreds, or thousands of miles away. Created to communicate with others from a long distance and only the people who knew how to use it could understand it. Others would not understand it so they would be confused.

How can Morse Code make life easier and changes society. how does it have an advantage over the previous way of life and change the nature of work.

The invention transformed society by allowing almost instantaneous communication devices. Makes life easier by not having to send a letter or go travel and made faster manufacture system.

News, messages, commodity, stock prices, and even money were eventually sent over the wires. Brought previously distant economies more closely together than ever before. An advantage is that you do not have to write letters to someone or go travel to see them face to face, you can now use this invention Morse Code.

Customer comment: "Morse Code is great! I don't have to go anywhere, just press on this knob and you can communicate. It's the best invention around."