Weekly Warrior Bulletin

June 5, 2015

Understand that example is the most powerful teacher.


LOCKER CLEAN OUT - please read instructions carefully and see Beth Bell or Sally Poole if you have questions

COMPUTERS SHUT DOWN for the summer before leaving.

FIELD TRIPS - If you are going on a field trip, you must notify the health nurse at least one week prior. Ensure that you provide appropriate rosters and travel information.

SUMMER SIT - Summer SIT Meetings will be held on June 29th (9-12) and August 11th (9-12). Each department may send ONE paid representative; names of department reps should be submitted to Kate Long or Jason Orendi IMMEDIATELY!


June 8 - Final Exams [Periods 1 & 4]
June 9 - Final Exams [Periods 2 & 5]
June 10 - Final Exams [Periods 3 & 6]
June 11 - Locker Clean-Out [8:45-9:10] and Awards Assembly [9:20-11:00]
June 12 - Faculty Luncheon

TEACHERS: Want your Master's Degree but having a hard time finding the money?

The Washtington County Federal Teacher's Credit Union (WCFTCU) offers 0% interest on student loans. Yes, that is right 0%. You could borrow money for classes, earn a B or higher, get some tuition reiumbursement from WCPS, and pay on your loan! For more information call Joni Burkhart at 766-8765 or the WCFTCU.



* CONGRATS to ASHLEY WISNER & MISCHELLE COLELLA for being awarded mini-grants for next school year!

*Kudos to MOLLY SHEARER for getting 10/12 students to pass the super difficult Excel MOS Software Specialist Certification exams! Great work!

* Thank you to VIKI BYRAM, JAYNE MOORE, JESSIE LITTLE, AMY TAYLOR, AND JOY FRANKLIN for the time, dedication, and commitment needed to allow Friday's graduation ceremony run smoothly!

* Thank you ASHLEY WISNER for agreeing to take on yet another responsibility!

* Thank you again to SALLY POOLE for organizing another recycle/reuse school supply drive!

* Thank you to CHRIS YOUNG for once again assisting with Synergy grade corrections! Much appreciated!

* Thank you to EMILY DEMARTINO, DARRELL MARRIOTT, and any other staff member who helped our final few seniors make it through! Our graduation rate is climbing thanks in part to you!

* Thank you KATE LONG for agreeing to assist faculty and staff at graduation!

* Thank you JASON ORENDI, AYAKO SHIGA, JUSTIN BAKER, DANA SMALL, SANDY GAGLIARDI, and KATIE RICE for being flexible and agreeing to move to a new home for next year! Let us know how we can help with your move.

* Thank you MARK WADEL for continuing to be a team player!

* Thank you to KATE LONG for her endless dedication to BHS! She is our very own Energizer Bunny!