A House Is Not a Home


A House Is Not a Home

A house is not a home

unless you make it yours

you have to breathe on window glass

mouth fog

to rub

and leave the smear.

You should lose part of yourself

in a true home

one that consumes Grandma’s topaz earrings

via the vent

you must know your home

trace a man’s profile on the ceiling

where paint has texture

or lean against the wall

into your ear

a throbbing heartbeat speaks.

Make a mark

scratch and scuff wood floors

anything, as long as your home knows

it’s you who lives there.

This is your bird’s nest


hobbit hole


so make it worth calling home.


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Penelope is thirteen years old and lives in Stillwater. She loves to read and write. She has participated in many Shire classes and helped with the Hush radio play. Besides reading and writing, she is also an avid violinist.