Santa Clara, Cuba

Dylan Moseley

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La población de santa clara es ciento veinte mil
La moneda es el cuban pesos
Hoy es el 13 de mayo. Hace muy nublado. El viento esta 5 mph/7 km. La temperatura es de 25 C. Manana estara muy nublado. Max temp: 25C. Min temp: 21c.
Voy a tomar la ropa, cepillarse el pelo, zapatos, champú,y technologia.
La fecha de mi viaje es el 9 de enero. El precio de los billetes es uno es 10353 pesos
Hotel Islazul, duration de la visita: 1 week. Uno individual es 19104 pesos for 7 days. Roughly $150 a night. $1050 dollars for the whole week
Dos maneras de transporte son un taxi y el tren. El precio de un boleto de tren es 50 pesos.
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Museum of the Revolution. The museum's cuban history exhibits are largely devoted to the period of the revolutionary war of the 1950 and to the country's post-1959 history. Portions of the museum are also devoted to pre-revolutionary Cuba, including its war of independence waged against Spain.
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El Capitolio. It was the seat of government in cuba until after the cuban revolution.It is now home to the cuban academy of science.
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Gran Tetro de la Habana. It is located in a building known as the Galician Centre of Havana, constructed to serve as a social center for Galician immigrants to Havana. The theatre has been home to the Cuban national ballestand, on its main stage, to the International ballet festival of havana. It facilities include theatres, a concert hall, conference rooms, and a video screening room, as well as an art gallery, a choral centre, and several rehearsal halls for danzarias groups and dance companies.
Snorkeling in cuba. $70 dollars. Snorkel with the fish in the reefs.
Paddle boarding in cuba. Costs $200. Stand up on a surfboard looking thing and explore the waters in cuba.


Chicharrones, fried pork skins are a delicacy in cuba.
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Capuchinos, rich custard with a caramelized sugar crust.
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I will have the Red Snapper Ceviche costing $48.58 dollars and 889.46 pesos.


One of the most iconic things to bring back from cuba is a cigar because they are known fir them. i don't think i need to explain what a cigar is. Another one is coconut monkeys. They are monkeys that are hand carved from coconuts. Perfume is another good idea to bring back from cuba as there are many unique kinds of them there from the tropical flowers.
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Boletos de vuelo- $556 or 10178.83 pesos

Alojamiento- Hotel Islazul $1050 or 19222.61 pesos

Taxi- $5 or 91.64 pesos

Train-$10 or 183.07 pesos

Museum of the Revolution- $3 or 54.92 pesos

El Capitolio-$8 or 146.46 pesos

Grand teatro- $6 or 109.84 pesos

Snorkeling $70 or 1281.51 pesos

Paddle boarding- $200 or 3661.45 pesos

Restaurant-$ 48.58 or 889.46 pesos

Total - $1956 or 35819.60 pesos