Another Cinderella Story

By Chloe

Another Cinderella Story

Once upon a time their lived this girl named Cindy, a stepmother named Mrs Julie, some stepsisters named Indiana and Sarmara and a famous movie star called Johnny.

Cindy was going to school because she had a dance lesson with her stepsisters and Johnny the famous singing dancer. Cindy was the best one dancing and she was dancing just like Johnny.

After they went back to the mansion Sarmara and Indiana went through her stuff and found an embarrassing tape of Cindy.

Mrs Julie wanted to make a video with Johnny so he came over for lunch. It was a disaster! Cindy dropped all of of the food when she tripped over on someone who stood up, food went everywhere! Cindy lost her phone for a month.

The party was tonight and she couldn’t go because she had to clean Mrs Julie’s room, it was so messy. Her friend had cousins that were cleaners and they came to help. Cindy went to the party and but had to get back by midnight. Her and Johnny danced till midnight and she had to rush off and she dropped her iPhone. She got home just in time, she couldn't changed out of her clothes and the cleaners were still there too! Luckily when Mrs Julie came back she went straight to her room and fell right asleep, she didn’t notice Cindy or the cleaners, so everybody continued to do what they had to do.

Next day Johnny was looking for the girl that he danced with. He Everybody tried and tried to ring the iPhone but nobody answered.

Cindy tried to but Mrs Julie had her phone! Eventually Mrs Julie gave it back and said, “Someone is trying to call you - it was Johnny and they became girlfriend and boyfriend.They both became famous cause Johnny offered her a job as a lead dancer.

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