By:Clayton G.

Pay it forward

Did you know that 50% of the world isn’t nice.Well if we try to make the world nice it will probably work.You should also be nice to anybody because that niceness will probably come back to you. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about.

You should also carry on your kindness for other people and not just one person and hopefully they will take it to somebody else and it will go allll over the world.That way the world will be nice as heck.

Even if you hold the door for somebody thats an act of kindness.Sometimes in the morning I go over to my neighbors (in winter) and shovel their driveway and sidewalk.You should also just clean your room if it’s messy so you don’t have to get told.If your mom works late and has to clean the house do it for her so she can have a rest.

If your dad does all the outside work like rake the lawn and mow do one of those for him and if you have chores do them before you go outside or play video games that way you don’t have to worry about it afterwards.
Those are just some acts of kindness.There are many more acts of kindness,but it would take awhile to write down every act of kindness in the world.Hopefully whatever you do for somebody they will also do something nice.
An act of kindness is like when somebody has a lot of groceries and you help them carry them across the street or opening their trunk.You should also help the elderly cross the street.Those are acts of kindness.Acts of kindness are times when you help people.That is what an act kindness is.

The end!
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