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Kenyan filmmakers want government to remove ban on drones

Kenyan filmmakers want drones!

On January nineteenth two thousand and sixteen an article came out about a governments ban on drones and how the Kenyan filmmakers weren't tacking it that well.Let me be more specific,the Kenyan filmmakers know that to get the new generation to spend there money on their movies they have to make there products modern. By that I mean they have to use the latest products to shoot there movies ex:drones.You might think that it's not that big of a deal but the filming industry has lost a ton of money from this.Now you might start to think that the government is the bad guy but there is a reason that they don't allow drones .That reason is security ,on a national holiday a foreign drone flew close to the presidents pavilion and that raised a lot of questions about drones and security.I find this article really important because to solve this problem you ether have to push security aside and risk criminals tacking advantage of the situation or put security first you would loose a lot of money to other countries who use drones.I really liked this article the reason is it shows how sometimesin life you have to risk some very important things so you can save others.