MOMS Club of Buckingham North

Minutes for Moms

President's Message

Its a new year! New beginnings. I'm sure most of us have the same resolutions, but I am suggesting that maybe we just not start them and focus on the things that make us... well us!  Let's just pick our best traits and perfect them! There will always be someone prettier, richer, thinner, smarter, etc. So lets just be super at our positive traits and be the best moms that we are! I am desperately in need of a calendar committee. I am hoping that the playgroups can take turns or that a group of ladies step up and do it. You can do a month or two or three, etc. I have been doing the calendar for a long time now and am in need of some fresh ideas. Its not a ton of work! (I promise). We only need 5 activities and 1 of those is a members coffee which members usually host. Our community is so wonderful that there are many events found on line, etc. Please say you will help! Call your friend and ask her to team up with you if you want!  
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Welcome to our newest Members!

Please welcome Shana Bulsara to our club. Shana has two children Devi (3) and Priya (2). Sara enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and is interested in joining a playgroup. Also welcome Ada Gauvreau to the group. Ada has a son (Jerry) who will be attending Cold Spring Elem and is interested in meeting moms in the area. So excited! Please look for the newest and ever changing directory!

Happy Birthday to our January Moms and Kids

Moms: Joyce Orrok (4th), Stacey Friedman (7th), AnnMarie Manelski (11th), Christina Barlow (17th), Megan Iampietro (18th), Stacy Kingsbury (22nd) Kids: Declan Scott (6th), Aidan McKeever (6th), Lauren Boylan (12th), Amanda Boylan (17th), Cooper Bliss (23rd), Charles Huckel (23rd), Jake Friedman (25th), Madeline Russ (27th) and Olivia Russ (27th)

WOW! It is COLD outside!

Freezing temps can mean bored children! Please email me or utilize facebook if you have any impromtu sledding or play date ideas. Also it is up to you if you still want to host your playgroup if Central Bucks School District is closed. You can decide as a playgroup. If you have any news to send out to the whole group, please email me and I will forward it!


We collected so many useful and beautiful items for the moms and kids at Child, Home, and Community. AnnMarie delivered them all and said that the organization was very grateful for our generosity. If you were not able to donate, we will have another opportunity in the Spring when we host a "mock" baby shower! Should be plenty of pink and blue to delight all of us! (Even those who are all done having babies lol)

Bucks Club Holiday Party Lots of Fun.

Our first "moms only" Holiday Party was a lot of fun! Many of us walked away with delicious cookies and lots of laughs. It was so nice to actually get to have conversations without worrying about our little ones. Many of you have said that it was fun and we may opt to have the tradition keep on this year! It made the board so happy to see so many of you attend! Thank you!