By: Caleb Reid

Different types of hieroglyphic


The different forms that the Egyptians used were hieratic, hieratic was a adaption of hieroglyphic, the words have been simplified, so they can much quicker. The other writing system was Demotic, and it meant "popular script".

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Egypt's hieroglyphic

Egypt's way to do hieroglyphic


The Egyptian's way were that one of them that gave direction, approach, or movement. Some of words were resenting animals, or people, and some pictures had wigs or give direction.

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The Rosetta Stone

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Other Forms of writing created


The Rosetta stone was one of the Egyptian's, that made it, but found by the English when, they attacked the French. It was carved Greek, demotic, and hieroglyphic.

The discovery

The forms that effected us Today


Champollion discovered two different of glyphs, phonograms and ideograms. Later, on he had translated the hieroglyphic in the drawings. The work of deciphering the hieroglyphs went on after Champollion’s death, to the present day.

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