Ernest Rutherford

Biographical information

Born: Nelson, New Zealand

Raised: New Zealand

Their upbringing: One of twelve children, enjoyed life on the farm, won an academic scholarship to Canterbury College

Where they studied and lived as a young adult: Mathematics and physics and England

Where they conducted their research: Cambridge,England and Manchester,England

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Director of the Cavendish Laboratory and the Cavendish Professor of physics

Specialty relating to science

Rutherford worked on magnetic fields, gamma-rays which are x-rays, radio elements, and protons and electrons

Inventions/discovery. Remembered for

Discovered protons and electrons
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Notable facts:

Studied at different universities.

-University of Cambridge

-McGill University

-University of Manchester

At University of Manchester, Rutherford and Hans Geiger developed an electrical counter for ionized particles. This later became known as Geiger Counter and was a tool to measure radioactivity.