Banning bottles up

"Temperance movement just what the doctor order"


This movement was against alcohol trying to banned alcohol in a era were alcoholism was becoming so big in the end of the 18 century. Was mostly led by women and wanted to make a change in the many lives of other women that were being affected because of alcohol.
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Most of the man right after they got out of work would go to bars and drink when they would come home they would become very violent hit they wives and cause great damage to them and the family for ever. Another reason was that most of the man would spend their little savings or their pay money on alcohol.

Motivated the movement

What motivated the movement was mostly the second great awakening , slaking drunks , lack of male figure in homes and the lack in money , gambling , and farmers were making "moonshine" from their own crops more portable and was easier to sell.


A goal was to stop drunkenees because it led to abuse, poverty, crime , and disorder. Another one was to limit the selling of alcohol and to revive the good morals of faith.


One tactics was that People would educate young people of the consequences of drinking so they wouldn't follow the same path as other man. Speaking at public places that made work spread fast.
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The movement was successfull in sending good morals and spreading their words out and eventually they got what they wanted.

Lyman Beechrt

He was a important figure in the prohibition time he would go to churches and it would work because he woild be a man talking about alcoholic in church.

Contributing money?

  • By continuing money into this organization you can led to a more happier life for families struggling with alcohol .
  • Alcohol can be stopped in less time.
  • Money can make this movement be heard and it will be a success.


  1. Well you yourself could be a alcoholic
  2. That one day are movement is heard and we win
  3. That one day alcohol is stopped selling and being consumed.