It has been a wonderful start to the school year! My staff and I have enjoyed getting to know all of the children and helping the children get to know us. I am so impressed by how well the students have adapted to returning to school. Based on the first month, I think it is going to be an amazing year.

I hope you are enjoying our new Parent Drop-off and Pick-up lane and new Bus Loop! The parking lot work was completed thanks to the Bond that Davison voters so generously approved. We have noticed a huge improvement in the speed and safety during our heavy traffic times before and after school. All cars should use the West entrance to enter and exit the property. Buses ONLY will enter and exit using the East driveway.

Every month I will be sending the Siple Scoop to help keep you informed about what is happening at Siple. Please take a moment to read through this important information so you can stay informed. I look forward to working with all of you to give our Siple students the best learning experience possible.


Christy Flowers, Principal


Parent Palooza

We are eager and excited to welcome parents as volunteers in many ways this year. Sometimes parents want to be involved and are unsure just how to go about it. Parent Palooza is for you!

The Siple Staff and PTO are joining forces to offer parents the opportunity to come and learn about different ways to get involved at Siple. Some ideas include joining the PTO and volunteering to help with their events such as Popcorn Fridays, Santa's Giftshop, and other activities. Parents can volunteer to help classroom teachers. And we are VERY excited to bring back the WATCH DOGS! Watch Dogs are Dads, Grandpas, and Uncles that volunteer one day a year to serve as positive male role models in the school.

We will also share information about our Title I intervention program at Siple. This is a wonderful program that provides additional academic support for students that need additional instruction to help them move toward grade level achievement.

Parent Palooza will take place on Tuesday, September 27th from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Watch for a flyer to come home soon with additional information!

Fall Intersession is Going to be Out Of This World!

Registration has opened up for Intersession 1.0. Intersession will run Monday, October 31st - Thursday, November 3rd. You can find registration information at The deadline for registering is Friday, September 30th! A flyer with more details is being sent home September 6th.
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As I mentioned above, the new parent drop-off and pick-up lane is doing a great job of moving cars along while keeping students and staff safe. I wanted to share some things that parents can help us with during these times. Please take a moment to read these tips and be sure to contact the office if you have any questions.

1. We follow whatever your child's bus tag says for dismissal. If it says your child rides the bus, your child's teacher will be walking them to the bus. If there is a day when their dismissal plans are different from their bus tag, PLEASE call the office before 3:00 p.m. so we can send a note to the teacher and have your child ready for whatever the change of plans are that afternoon.

2. Drop-off starts at 8:15 a.m. Please make sure that your child has their shoes, jacket, etc. on and that they have their backpack ready to go. This helps us move the line along at a quick pace so parents can be on their way to their next destination. It is critical that you do NOT drop your child off unattended. We have multiple staff members in place each morning in the drop-off line. For your child's safety it is imperative that you remain in the line and wait to let your child out of the car only when a staff member has opened the door for them to get out. This ensures your child is being supervised.

3. It would be helpful if you could make it possible for your child to enter and exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Cars will sometimes pull around on the driver's side so for the safety of the students and staff keeping everyone on the passenger side works best.

4. We begin calling students for pick-up at 3:30 p.m. Please make sure you have your gold dashboard card on the passenger side dashboard window. If you do not have your dashboard card, please contact the office to get a replacement. Please make sure the card is visible to the staff.

5. For both drop-off and pick-up please come into the Siple drive from the west on Coldwater Road. This allows traffic to flow in both directions on Coldwater Road.

6. Please try to reduce gaps between cars to a safe, but small distance. We want to get as many cars off Coldwater Road as possible.

7. If you need to help your child buckle their seat belt, please pull ahead and park along the lawn in front of the building. This allows the carline to continue to move forward.

I want to thank everyone for being mindful of keeping our drive and parking lot safe. This is greatly appreciated.

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Homecoming Week is September 12th - September 16th. The theme this year is Out of This World. A flyer will be shared with students this week to promote participation. Spirit Days at the Elementary buildings are the same with the exception of Wednesday at Siple because we have picture day that day. Our spirit days are:

Monday, September 12: Space Jammy Day (Wear PJ's)

Tuesday, September 13: Black Out the Universe Day (Wear Black)

Wednesday, September 14: Let Your Radiance Glow (Dress your best for picture day)

Thursday, September 15: Shine like a STAR in neon or tie dye

Friday, September 16: Paint the Galaxy Maroon and Gold

Once again, the kindergarten students are invited to walk at the front of the parade. Flyers will be sent home this week to give parents details. The Homecoming parade travels from the High School down Clark Street, and then turns North down Main Street, ending at the library. The parade will begin at 5:00 p.m. The Football game will take place in our beautiful Cardinal Stadium at 7:00 p.m. and will include the special half-time ceremony where the new Homecoming Queen will be crowned.

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We welcome parents and guardians into our building this year to:

-drop off or pick up student medications

-attend IEP's, 504's or Parent-Teacher Conferences

-for approved meetings

-as an approved volunteer

For other reasons such as picking up a student, dropping off lunch or other items, parents/guardians should press the door buzzer at the main entrance. An office staff member will be happy to meet them at the door to assist them with the reason for their visit. Please be prepared to show your photo ID when picking up a student from school. As always, the safety of our students and staff will always be our highest priority.


Our first student Count Day for the State of Michigan is Wednesday, October 5th. Attendance is very important on this day as it determines the funding our school receives. We know that if your child is sick they need to stay home, but if they are not please make sure they are in school on time for the entire day. If your student will be absent that day please call our attendance line at 810-591-5100. We appreciate your help with this.


Our students and staff have been working hard already this year. Believe it or not the first marking period will come to a close on October 27th! Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with you for Parent-Teacher conferences. These conferences are a valuable opportunity to ask questions and learn about how your child is progressing in school.

Conferences will be by appointment only. Teachers have already begun scheduling conference times. If you have not scheduled a time, please contact your child's teacher as soon as possible as appointments are filling up. Conferences are scheduled for:

Wednesday, October 12th from 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, October 13th from 9:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you!


We are required to perform various emergency drills to prepare and educate our students in case of an emergency. We practice fire drills, tornado drills, and ALICE drills. ALICE drills have replaced what we formerly called lock-down drills. I am very proud of the way my staff handles emergency drills. We realize we are working with very young children and use age appropriate language when we teach them these important procedures.


What Is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that enables us to provide intervention for students who need extra help with reading, writing, math, science or social studies. Students are chosen to participate in our intervention programs based on testing data that is gathered throughout the year. Siple’s literacy specialist, Mandy Barrett, oversees our Title I programs. Below is an explanation of the interventions we provide at Siple.

The interventions we provide at Siple are:

Enhanced Alphabet Knowledge: Primarily for Kindergarteners, this intervention is provided by our trained paraprofessionals and helps students learn letter names and sounds in a systematic way.

Systematic Instruction in Phonemic awareness Phonics, and Sight Words (SIPPS): Provided by our trained paraprofessionals, this intervention focuses on the basic reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight words. Students at the end of Kindergarten and beginning of 1st grade benefit from SIPPS.

Reading Intervention for Students to Excel (RISE): For students in grades 1st-4th, this intervention has 3 stations. Students read a book and work on reading strategies at one station, focus on breaking words apart and sight words at another station, and write about their reading at a third station. RISE is also provided by our trained paraprofessionals and overseen by our literacy specialist.

Bridges Math Intervention: For grades K-4, students work on critical numeracy and computation skills with a trained paraprofessional.

Classroom interventions: Teachers may also provide interventions in the classroom in reading, writing, math, science or social studies.

If you have any questions about our intervention programs, feel free to contact Mrs. Barrett at (810) 591-5104 ext 2607, or


We are very excited to welcome our new counselor, Mrs. Alexis Liley. Attached to the Siple Scoop is a letter all about her!! Please make sure to take the time to read it.


Welcome back to another exciting school year! Just a couple of things to remind all my Siple parents. Please make sure your child has their tennis shoes for physical education class. They have P.E. class two times a week. If they wear dress shoes or boots have them pack their tennis shoes in their backpack and they can change at school. Students will also want to wear comfortable clothes that they can run around and get hot and sweaty in. Thank you so much for helping your kid(s) wear the proper clothes and shoes so they can participate in my classroom.

To start the year off we will be working on routine and expectations in my classroom. Starting a new year off learning what routine we do everyday in my classroom is important. We will also be going over Cardinal Code and the rules that I have incorporated into my physical education classes.

Our first unit that we will start this year is soccer. The students are learning how to dribble, trap the ball and pass the soccer ball. We will also be taking our first of two Pacer Tests this month to see where the students are at the beginning of the year. We will take the second one sometime in May or June to compare with. I will talk more about the Pacer test in later Scoops. I am excited about this year to work with your child and teach them some basic skills that we use in a lot of different sports!

Mr. Sipley, Gym Teacher



Welcome to Music

It has been wonderful meeting and getting reacquainted with our Siple students these past weeks!

Our Kindergarteners are learning and practicing using their bodies and their Space in the music room correctly. They will soon be exploring their voices through listening and singing high/low pitches and echoing and creating simple vocal patterns.

Our 1st Graders have been reviewing and learning how to correctly use their bodies to move with Flow to music and then to feel the Steady Beat in music. They will soon begin hearing and echoing various pitch patterns with their voices. They will also begin to hear, see, identify and create rhythmic patterns.

Our 2nd Graders have begun reviewing their previous skills learning in K–1st in preparation for their 2nd Grade Musical performance this year. This year’s Siple 2nd Grade Musical will be on February 9, 2023. You will receive a letter from me with more detailed information concerning this exciting event! For now, please mark those calendars!!

Our 3rd Graders are in the midst of preparing to play the Recorder! They are beyond excited! As I’ve told the students, we are privileged to have a school district that purchases these instruments for every student. Every child will receive a recorder that they will use for this entire school year. Each student is in charge of bringing their recorder to school on their Music days. Once these instruments arrive, you will receive a letter that will give more details about these expectations.

Our 4th Graders are beginning to prepare for 2 exciting things this year… Ukuleles and our 4th Grade Musical! This year our students will have the privilege of using our classroom ukuleles. Students are allowed to purchase their own as well, however, I strongly encourage you to purchase one from a reputable source such as to ensure that you receive a quality instrument. More information will be sent home about this. Our Siple 4th grade Musical will be on March 16, 2023! You will also receive a letter with detailed information about this exciting event! For now, please mark those calendars!!

Mrs. Odglen, Music Teacher



Welcome back to school Siple students and families! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and enjoyed a lot of family time. As we return to school this fall we will be starting off the year reviewing the proper use of technology and discussing what Cardinal Code looks like for STEM class at all grade levels.

In August and September, the focus of STEM classes in the lower elementary will be for students to improve their skills in navigating tablets and Chromebooks. The upper elementary students will join Google classrooms and begin using Google Docs for basic assignments. The older students will also begin working on lessons in their account so they can gain an understanding of basic programming.

If you have any questions about STEM class, please contact me via email at I’m looking forward to a fun filled year in STEM class!

Mrs. Carr, Computers



September 12-September 16: Davison Homecoming Spirit Week

September 12: PJ Day

September 13: Dress in Black Day

September 14: Dress your Best for Picture Day

September 15: Tie Dye/Neon Day

September 16: Maroon and Gold Day/ Parade at 5:00 p.m./Game at 7:00 p.m.

September 19: Siple Celebrates Constitution Day: Wear Red, White, and Blue!

PTO Meeting: 6:00 p.m. in the Media Center-enter the building at the Library Door

September 21: Early Release Day @ 1:30 p.m.

September 27: Parent Palooza 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Siple

October 5: Count Day

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