A Midsummer Night's Dream

BY: Bianca D., Josie L., Krista K., Paige F.

Act 3, Scene 2, Lines 305-344, Group E

In A Mid-Summer Night's Dream


For the theme we chose; don't medal in other peoples lives. In our scene from A Mid Summer Night's Dream Hermia says, "Why, get you gone! whois't that hinders you?"(line 14) This quote shows that Hermia and Helena are in a fight because Helena stole Hermia's one true love, Lysander. If Oberon hadn't tried to medal in anyone's relationships no one would be fighting.



Hermia is the one who has both Lysander and Demetrius' heart. Herima is significant because she is ordered to marry Demetrius when she loves Lysander. A conflict Hermia has faced would be her to pick to marry Demetrius or die, instead she runs off in the woods with Lysander, while Demetrius and Helena short on their tail.


Helena is Hermia's best friend and the one who is in love with Demetrius. The problem is, however, Demetrius does not love Helena but in fact Hermia, but Helena is determined to change all of that. Helena is significant because her desperate attempts to regain Demetrius' heart by telling Hermia's entrusted secret of running off with Lysander to avoid having to marry Demetrius, become a nun, or be put to death to Demetrius. This effects the plot by causing Demetrius to go off after Hermia, with Helena just a few steps behind, and end up getting into a fight with Helena in the woods while Oberon, the fairy king, is watching, causing oberon to send his messanger, Puck, to put a love spell on him, which ends up being put on Lysander. This, in the end, forces Lysander to fall in love with Helena and create the conflict that Helena has to face in the scene that we a preforming, the " cat- fight" between her and Hermia. In the " cat- fight" scene, hermia confronts Helena and blames her for Lysander no longer loving her and falling in love with Helena. Helena argues right back, calling her a " puppet" and a "vixen" until it all spirals out of control and Helena ends up running from the scene in a desperate attempt to avoid Hermia's "fierceness."


Hermia loves him, but he loves Helena.

Lysander is under a potion that accidental made him fall in love with Helena, even though he truly loves Hermia.


He falls in love with Hermia, but Hermia doesn't love him. Helena has fallen madly in love with Demetrius. Even though Helena loves him, he keeps telling her that he is in love with somebody else.

The Famous Quote of Our Scene

The most important quote from our scene was " O, when she is angry she is keen and shrewd, She was a vixen when she wet to school, and though she but little, she is fierce (Lines 323- 325)," said by Helena. In summary, Helena is saying that Hermia is a very aggressive person who can strike at any minute. This is by far the most important quote, because it is what leads up to Hermia's full out explosion of anger, causing Helena and Hermia to fight even more until Helena runs away from Hermia to avoid being attacked by Hermia. It is also important because I shows how quick Helena is to back- stabbing her friend in hopes of saving her own skin an therefore helping the audience get a better understanding of Helena's character( develops the character). With all of this said, it becomes clear that this quote is by far the most significant one of this scene.


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Our scene...


In our scene, Hermia has both Lysander and Demetrius' hearts. The duke ordered Hermia to marry Demetrius when truely her heart belonged to Lysdander. Hermia has a choice, marry Demetrius or die. Hermia decides to run off into the woods to be with Lysander, but what they dont know is Hermia informs helena of their plans to run away before hand and tells Demetrius. When Hermia and Lysander run off, Demetrius runs after them, and because helena loves Demetrius she runs after him. Lysander ends up to be under a potion to love. when he woke up he was suppose to fall in love with a donkey. But instead he falls in love with helena. Hermia is furious with Helena for "stealing her loves heart".