Development of a 6 year old

Characteristics, skills, and emotions.

Physical Characteristics

  • Becomes straighter and slimmer
  • Stomach flattens
  • Holds shoulders back and upper body more erect
  • Legs lengthen rapidly, growing stronger and firmer
  • Neck becomes longer
  • Balance and coordination improved
  • Holds arms near body when walking

Social Characteristics

  • Social relationships are characterized by friction, threats and stubbornness
  • Want everything, and want to do things their way
  • Friends are usually of the same sex, but play readily in mixed groups
  • Enjoy groups and organized teams
  • When they tire of play, they simply drop out of a game
  • Have no regard for team effort

Emotional Characteristics

  • Period of emotional turmoil
  • Crave praise and approval, easily hurt an disturbed
  • Often stubborn and quarrelsome
  • At their worst with their own parents
  • Resent being given directions, and their first response is likely to be "No!"