Christmas in Greece

Celebrated on December 25

History in Greece and the date it is celebrated!

One of the reasons they celebrate Christmas is to keep the bad spirits away. They us a cross and some basil and dip it in holy water and sprinkling it around the house. The day they celebrate Christmas is the 25th of December and it is celebrated 12 days.

Some foods eaten on Christmas in Greece

Some of the most loved, most common foods are baklava, Katafi, Theeples, and sweet roles. Some other meats and bread are pork, lamb, spinach, figs and salad. A good desert is some fruit, and honey roles.


Gifts and traditions

Some of the gifts that where given are some tiny wooden cars, tiny mind tickers, and balls made from wood and also loaves of golden bread. They exchange gifts on the 6th of January. Some traditions where they would build a tree and go caroling as a family, they would eat together, the boys would go caroling.

Decorations and Santa

Some decorations are bright lights and Christmas trees. A center on a table would be a loaf of bread and if you're where fisherman, than you would have a fish as a center. Greece has a Santa called Killantzaronti and he would destroy the house and put out the fire and shoot milk out his mouth on the walls.

Walter Kosowski