South Oaks School

May 2022

The Good Life

Recently, I participated in a meeting where Manitoba Education shared some basic information about the new Manitoba K-12 Education Action Plan. The plan has been in the works since 2018 and has included a lot of discussion and consultation from many people over the past few years.

The vision for this plan begins with a description of "The Good Life". What is "The Good Life"? It includes concepts such as hope, belonging, well-being, having a voice, feeling safe, having healthy relationships, interacting respectfully with nature, etc. These goals are foundational for a good life, for all of us.

The action plan also includes goals to support mental health and wellness, which is something we have not always prioritized. They suggest that, "Mental health and well-being, particularly as part of responding to the impacts of the pandemic, and identifying actions to remove barriers to participation in learning, including a focus on the effects of poverty on education and student engagement" (p. 14). It is also the first provincial document that I have seen, which mentions taking care of teachers, which is essential to the sustainability of our education system.

There is much more to the document than I can mention here, but it appears to have a number of important goals and a hopeful vision for the future of education in Manitoba. I hope to learn more about this action plan in the near future as Hanover School Division begins to dive into the document and discusses how it will be implemented in our communities.


Dale Martens


Dates to Remember

May 8 - Mother's Day

May 12 - Grades 3/4 split classes on a field trip

May 12 & 13 - Kindergarten Meet & Greet

May 23 - Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL

May 26 - Spring Concert at the Hanover Ag grounds, featuring grades 3 & 4 students

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Pirates the Musical - coming soon!!!!

Mrs. Dueck, along with our grade 3 and 4 students and their teachers are busy preparing for Pirates the Musical! This very special event is planned for May 26 at the Hanover Ag grounds (Fairway Ford stage) at 7:00 pm. Our rain date is June 2, just in case we need it.

We want everyone to feel safe attending the first concert in 2 years! Even though COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, packing the gym just didn't feel like a good idea this year. So, we are moving the show outdoors! This way you can also feel free to invite as many people as you wish, without the concern of standing room only (as long as you bring your lawn chairs).

We anticipate a joyful evening of family fun, as we return to a live concert event. Thanks to the parents who are supporting their children as they prepare for their parts, finding a costume, etc. We look forward to sharing Pirates, the Musical with you!

Kindergarten Meet and Greet

On May 12th, our school will be hosting a Kindergarten "Meet and Greet" event. This is a time for the 2022-23 Kindergarten students to meet our teachers and for our teachers to meet them. There will still be regular school classes for the existing K students on these days.

So, what can you expect when you come for this event? The event will take place in our Library and students will participate in a few simple activities and the parents will also have a chance to talk with Learning Support staff and visit the office if they have any questions or documents to submit.

We are planning 30 minute appointments for 4 students at a time. We will schedule the appointments and let you know when to come to the school. If the time does not suit you, please just let us know. We look forward to meeting your awesome kids and for them to meet our wonderful teachers.

If you know of a child who hasn't yet registered but would be of kindergarten age for the next school year, please register as soon as possible at so they can participate in this important event.

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Staff Appreciation Opportunity

A simple note of appreciation from a student or a parent is a strong encouragement to staff members. The South Oaks staff (teachers, EAs, office staff, librarian, bus drivers, custodians, specialists, etc) have all worked hard to provide a quality education for the students this past year, once again. So the South Oaks Parent Advisory Council wants to invite all students and parents to communicate their appreciation to the staff with a personal note. These notes will be posted in the school for all staff to read and know that they are appreciated by many people.

There are two ways that these notes can be submitted. The notes can be written at home on any available paper and brought to the office anytime before May 24. Also, during the week of May 24 - 27, we will provide sticky notes at the office for any students wishing to write a note at school. All these notes will be posted on the bulletin board in the front lobby of the school for staff to read and enjoy.

Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement for the South Oaks staff, who demonstrate a deep commitment to your children's education and well-being.

Indigenous Parents Needed!

Every September, South Oaks plans an assembly or special event for Orange Shirt Day. Last year, we were able to collaborate with a local indigenous family to make the event extra special and personal. It was wonderful to have 3 generations highlighted at our assembly!

Between now and summer holidays, we want to pull together a small team of parents to begin planning for the event again in September 2022. It is important to us that this event is planned with parents who identify as indigenous in some way, so the work of reconciliation can be authentic and we can build positive local connections. If you are interested and willing to work with us to commemorate Orange Shirt Day 2022, please contact the office or email the principal at Thanks!

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