Family Life

changes over the past five decades


Households from the past tended to be more idealistic, that is a straight married couple with one or two children living together in the middle class. In the past, more women had set roles as wives, or parteners. They stayed at home more often, cleaning, raising the children, and cooking more than working to support the family, this aspect instead being the man's job. Today, the structure of households vary greatly: women more often work to support their families with, or without a husband or mate. Men are beginning to take stay-at-home dad positions or even single dad positions as less couples stay together. Broken homes are more common than ever, many men and women both wash their hands of all responsibility that should be raising their children.

Size and Indulgence

As you can probably tell from the pictures above, the average size of a direct family has increased over the last 50 years. This, combined with the overall advancements in both technology and efficiency has led many housholds to indulge and spend more and more than ever. With house incomes increasing, but relative worth decreasing due to inflation, many housholds do have more than one parent working to support, compared to one parent.