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April Is Autism Awareness Month

"Kids with Autism are just "regular" kids in really Awesome disguises, who think brilliant thoughts in fantastic, unpredictable ways", states Jennifer O'Toole a mother of two children on the spectrum, wife of a husband on the spectrum and on the spectrum herself. Autism Awareness has increased the understanding of what autism is: individuals with differences in social communication, sensory modulation, and interest development. Autism Awareness has also shown that being identified as having autism is not a limiting condition. As educators we need to assume all learners are competent and set expectations for success, and students with autism should not be the exception.
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Posted: 12/12/2013 8:54 am EST | Updated: 01/23/2014 1:38 am EST

1 in 68 People

New Prevalence Statistics Released

Autism statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify around 1 in 68 American children as on the autism spectrum-a ten-fold increase in prevalence in 40 years. Careful research shows that this increase is only partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness. Studies also show that autism is four to five times more common among boys than girls. An estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States.

ASD affects over 2 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide. Moreover, government autism statistics suggest that prevalence rates have increased 10-17 percent annually in recent years. There is no established explanation for this continuing increase, although improved diagnosis and environmental influences are two reasons often considered. (Autism Speaks)

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