Better Hearing and Speech Month

May, 2017

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Ideas to Promote Understanding & Acceptance of AAC

During the month of May, the increased focus on improved communication gives us a perfect opportunity to build support for AAC. Here are some ideas.
  1. Download Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) and/or AAC awareness materials to display or share in your community. Drop off some bookmarks at the public library. Take some coloring pages to a pediatrician's office.
  2. Include AAC materials at any outreach events or displays for Better Hearing and Speech Month. Explore this online flyer for things you can download.
  3. Explore different service delivery settings where providers of AAC work. Do you know what kinds of things an AAC SLP in private practice does on a daily basis? Click here to get some ideas.

Support AAC: Join ASHA's Social Media Campaign to Spread the Word!

Click here for more information and to join the campaign.

Win Prizes!

Sign up to compete in ASHA's public awareness campaign, 'Speaking Up for Communication' Earn points for activities like logging into the site, visiting their Facebook page, following ASHA on Twitter, and posting pictures to Instagram.

Click here for more information.

Join an AAC Facebook Group

Get support. Help others. Connect with colleagues and families. Click here for AAC groups on Facebook.

Communication is the key to connection!

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Download a Visual Support for Communication Partners

Click here to download this wonderful information card by SLP Lauren Enders. With it, you can:

  • Display on a #BHSM bulletin board
  • Affix to a client's AAC device
  • Disseminate it at meetings or outreach events

Join an AAC Challenge

Build your skills with this fun challenge from Speak for Yourself. Click here for more information.
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Change Your Facebook Cover

Download the image above, save it to your computer, and upload to Facebook as your cover image. Click here for the download.
Identify the Signs of Communication Disorders
Cool Tools: DIY Core Vocab AAC Board - YouTube

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