News and Events for Hazel Grove Family & Friends


January means the start of a new calendar year and new semester! On behalf of our Hazel Grove Hornets, I say "let's make everyday count".

One thing we know is when students are not in school, learning pauses. A goal at Hazel Grove is to lead the district everyday with 95% attendance. While we are gaining momentum, we still have a way to go. Although the pandemic may keep some students out of the building, temporarily, we need you to help us get your children to school!

When students are at school we can ACCELERATE learning. While many may think we need to slow down and wait, research is showing that maintaining high expectations AND meeting the needs of individual learners will produce greater achievement.

How are your teachers and instructional support making this happen?

Social Emotional Learning: Every classroom is participating in Second Step. This curriculum focuses on a holistic approach to learning. Each week we incorporate lessons on focus, self-talk, respect, feelings, and much more. We are also engaging our staff in professional learning around diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as deepening our understanding of trauma resilient practices.

Reading Literacy: On October 13, our staff began a critical 3 year cycle of learning with LETRS and the Science of Reading. We are committed to better preparing all staff to understand and develop our emerging readers. This intensive training will also help us better support families with tools to implement and reinforce at home.

As your Principal, I have a few personal goals to share...

I would like to better get to know each of YOU...

I want to engage families in "real talk" about our shared care and concern for your children...


I want to develop a well designed and committed relationship to ensure success for your child's future!

Our world is changing faster then we can keep up and it is going to take us working together - I am ready! Are you?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas...


Hazel Grove Goal 95% EVERYDAY!

Look at our January attendance leaders:

5th Grade (92.36%)

4th Grade (92.12%)

3rd Grade (91.37%)

2nd Grade (91.31%)

1st Grade (90.79%)

Kindergarten (90.17%)

2021.22 GOALS

o Student attendance increase resulting in social emotional and academic skill gains.

o Student Data Teams create individualized student learning opportunities and promote collaborative behavior supports.

o Tier 1 Instruction is planned with collaborative instructional support resulting in a 20% gain in grade level proficiency

o Relevant Family/Community Outreach & Inclusion… resulting in increased communication with, and participation of families



Hornets, Stay well....

Changes to COVID-19 Reporting

Over the past few months when students and staff have tested positive for COVID-19, the district has sent out communication to the entire school. Now due to the Omicron variant, we are experiencing an increase in these communications daily.

From this point forward, we have decided to notify only the staff member or the parent of a student(s) who has been identified as being exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

If your child is identified as having been potentially exposed, please refer to the Student COVID-19 Flowchart located on the district’s website:

Parents should continue to monitor their child’s health and the health of their families for COVID-19 symptoms. Children with COVID-19 generally have mild, cold-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, and cough. Vomiting and diarrhea have also been reported in some children.


Flu shots are available at the UG Public Health Department by appointment only. Call 913-573-8855 to set up an appointment.

Flu shots are also available at many local safety net clinics. Find a list of safety net clinics here: English | Español

Calendar of Events

JANUARY/FEBRUARY - MONTHS OF Citizenship & Empathy


10th - FASTBRIDGE Testing (ALL Grades through January 28)

24th - Register for Parent Portal

27th - PTA sponsored Skating Party

28th - KAP Interim Testing (3rd/4th/5th Grade through February 11)

31st - KELPA Testing (for identified students through March 11)


2nd - 3rd grade special performance: Tales with a Point: Fables and Fairy Tales

15th - Principal & Parent Coffee ZOOM (8 - 8:30am)

15th - PTA Meeting (6 - 7:00pm)

16th - Family Advocacy Evening

18th - Family Advocacy Day (NO SCHOOL)

21st - NO SCHOOL