By Neve Phillips

Databases that store information about me

- NHS, this stores my medical records and private information

- Hampshire County Council- this stores my school records.

- Dentist- My dentist is private, so they store private information, allergies and dental records.

Databases that i use

One of the main databases that i use is my phone. It stores my phone number, contacts, texts and games. It also stores my emails and email address.

Advantages of using an electronic database

There are lots of advantages of using electronic databases-

-There is lots more security, so it is more protected

- It is quicker to search for something.

- It is more flexible.

- Lots of people can use it at one time

Disadvantages of using electronic databases

- They are time-consuming to make

- They can cost a lot of money to make

- Information can be lost

Why is it important that personal information is kept secret?

It is important to keep personal information secret, as it is personal. If you give it away, anyone could know everything about. In severe cases they could pretend to be you on the internet, and that could affect someone else, as well as you.