The secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Leister


The abuse toward Walter Mitty causes him to daydream frequently.

Mitty's wife abuses him.

For example, "'What are you driving so fast for?'". Secondly, "'Did you get the what's-its-called? The puppy biscuit? What's in that box?'".

The mechanics treat him as if he is stupid.

For example, "A man had to come out in a wrecking car and unwind them, a young, grinning garageman." Secondly, "... they won't grin at me then."

People treat Mitty Poorly.

For example, " A woman who was passing laughed.". Secondly, "' Couldn't you have put them on in the store.'".


Walter Mitty daydreams because of his abusive life.