Ms. Kassab's Newsletter for April!

Glory to God in the Highest!

Dear Parents,

Happy Spring, HT families!

Can you believe it is already April?! I pray you are having a fruitful lent, and keeping strong with your Lenten promises! As we journey on to the death and resurrection of our Lord, let us remember to always follow in his teachings and love one another as He loved us! I pray you have a most blessed and beautiful Easter season with your families! May God bless you always!

- Ms. Kassab

"The great gift of Easter is hope - Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake."

- Basil Hume.



In religion classes, our 7th graders will be completing our study of the four writers of the Gospel, in which we will be focusing on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, individually. Through their writings, we will be discovering their relation to Jesus, their audience, and the story of our Lord as told by each writer. Following this, students will be taking a test on the Gospel writers.

In addition, we will dive into our focus on the seven Sacraments, Holy week, the death and resurrection of our Lord.

Every Friday, we will be praying a rosary and doing meditation by the Statue of Guadalupe.


In religion classes, our 8th graders will be discussing the Ten Commandments and Moses, while also having the opportunity to thoroughly examine our consciences. We will be preparing and focusing our study on the Ten Commandments with a test on each to ensure the understanding of the commandments God gave to us.

-Live Stations of the Cross performed by 8th grade will be on Wednesday April 14th at 11am in the Church.

Junior High Science


Our 6th graders will be taking their chapter 7 test on the six sections about the atmosphere. Much of which we also studied and learned at camp! Following our test, we will begin our chapter 8 study of weather and climate on our planet!


Our 7th graders will begin our unit study of viruses and bacteria. Students will have an opportunity to research particular viruses and create a Google Slides presentation of their selected virus/bacteria.

Lab: We will be using the microscopes to see different images of bacterias!


Our 8th graders will be focusing on NASA and exploring the moon and the planets. We will be diving into our unit study on rocket ships!

Lab: Students will be making their own model of rocket ships!

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday April 13th: Live stations of the Cross led by 8th grade
  • Easter Break: April 14- April 22nd
  • School resumes on Monday April 25th
  • Disciple of Christ Recognition for April - Monday April 25th
  • Annual School Jog-a-thon: Friday, April 29th